Yes, the Q actually knows where he’s going #recon

Yes, the Q actually knows where he’s going #recon

Despite the talk of Snowmageddon and CMS schools cancelling classes as soon as they heard about the chance of frozen precipitation, 16 manly men hopped out of the fartsack to a pleasant surprise: temperatures that didn’t make you think your eyelids were going to freeze. It was a balmy 42 degrees when we started. Although Mr. Bean was sporting some nut-hugging tights #wearsomeshortsoverthose and a knit hat with the biggest pom pom at the top of it you’ve ever seen, it was so “warm”, we all thought Pop Tart was going to take his shirt off at some point. Let’s find out if that actually happened:

The Thang

Head directly toward the Murderhorn. Groans ensue. Bean starts talking and heckling the Q (and doesn’t stop for 45 minutes). One the way down, 10 merkins at each lamp-post and 10 at the bottom. Quick COP of IW x 10 IC and 10 merkins IC.

Head up to the pool parking lot for some 3-man grinders. P1 does 5 pull-ups and 10 merkins at the park area. P2 does squats at the base of the parking lot. P3 runs between. Keep switching. Everyone got about 6 rounds of everything so we could get our requisite 30 pull-ups for the January challenge.

Once completed, we took a left on Elmstone, L on Thornhill Club, and a R on Meadow Run to head out to Ballantyne Commons Parkway. Lots of chatter (led by you-know-who) of the Q not having any clue where we were headed. In fact, we were headed toward more pain. L on B’tyne Commons to Stonebriar Dr.

3x up the Stonebriar Dr. hill, with 10 HR merkins at the top and 10 squats at the bottom. #smoker

Mosey east on B’tyne Commons back to Stonecrest. Stop for 10 merkins to catch the six. Head in the south entrance and toward speed bump alley. About 6.5 minutes left. 5 merkins at each speed bump (6 of them) and then jailbreak back to launch for 10 more merkins. 1 minute of plank and we’re done.


The Murderhorn gets a lot of run at the Maul and Rebel Yell, but the Stonebriar hill sucks almost as bad. Wanted to switch it up a bit and take some guys to a place they may never have been before. Even some crafty veterans were mentioning they had never been over there. It’s always good to venture out and find new territory so AO’s don’t get too stale. When you’re Qing, do some recon beforehand and put some thought into it.

Solid work by all this morning. I think Kirby and Arsenal were thinking bad thoughts about me while heading up Stonebriar, but they pushed through the whole time with maximum effort.

Frasier is getting faster. That guy might have a future as a runner. If you’re looking for someone for a BRR team, look him up. With some training, I think he could be a pretty solid piece for some lucky team. After getting smoked last year by Team Waterade, the SOB team might be looking for another guy in hopes of redeeming themselves.

Fredo and Marliln continue to amaze at their, um, “advanced” ages. All kidding aside, YHC hopes he’s that fast and strong after hitting the “respect” age.

Pop Tart kept his shirt on, thankfully. However, he really needs to run more. Looking kinda flabby and slow out there…..

Speaking of flabby, many pax pointed out that the pull-up bars were tilted after several rounds of Fire Hazard doing his pull-ups all on one side. Meanwhile, the Baxter Village New Year’s day race is already starting to slaughter pigs for next year’s meal. They ran out of food this year #Iwonderwhy #foodhealshishamstring

No Show has a significant advantage when it comes to hills. Since his legs are a full 3 feet longer than anyone else’s, the dude can move. The much shorter Tagalong and Teddy were right there with him, though.

Strong work by all, this morning. We covered 3 miles and got in our 30 pull-ups and 200 merkins. Thanks for coming out – enjoy the second workout of the day (chasing the kids around the house).


Keep Gremlin’s (MECA) family in your prayers as they deal with his passing.

Keep ‘Bout Time, his son, Jennings, and their family in your prayers as they deal with his struggle. Never underestimate the power of prayer.

Congrats to Madame Tussauds on his 4th F3 anniversary.

Happy birthday to Kirby (tomorrow)

Bean is bringing beer to his Stonehenge Q on the 27th to celebrate his 50th birthday. Should be a good one.

Everyone drive safe today.

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Fire HazardPosted on2:09 pm - Jan 17, 2018

Good Q today Goonie and thanks for the company on the prerun.

FredoPosted on3:36 pm - Jan 17, 2018

As always a solid Q my man – nice work.

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