A Day of Action

A Day of Action

The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.
~ Martin Luther King Jr.

It’s cold, it’s going to be freezing all week. Bundle up, wear two pairs of socks and get after it.

The Thang
Warm-up lap to Burning Tree and back to SCMS.

Side-straddle hops x 15
Imperial Walkers x 15
‘Mericans x 10
Low, slow squats x 10
Mountain Climber x 10

Run the triangle between the school and field, stop at each corner for 10 of each caller exercise.
R1 – LBC, ‘Mericans & Mountain climbers
R2 – Dolly, Carolina Dry Docks & mountain climbers
R3 – LBC, ‘Mericans & Mountain climbers
R4 – Dolly, Carolina Dry Docks & mountain climbers

Wall Work
People’s chair, air press x 20
7 donkey kicks
People’s chair, flys x 20
14 donkey kicks
People’s chair, Y’s x 20
21 donkey kicks

Step-ups & Pull-ups
5 step-ups (each leg), 5 supine pull-ups
10 step-ups (each leg), 10 supine pull-ups
15 step-ups (each leg), 15 supine pull-ups
20 step-ups (each leg), 20 supine pull-ups

Partner Ladder
P1  5 ‘mericans
P2 10 squats
P1 15 LBC
P2 Side-straddle hops
Both 1 burpees
Flapjack, then do 2 burpees
Continue until time is called.

Time Bomb Burpees
High knees, pax calls “down” and everyone does a burpee.

Today is Martin Luther King Day. Jr. Most of us have the day of, but it’s not a day of rest. It’s a day of action. Take time for service, kindness and support of people and organizations working to make MLK’s dream continue.

Prayers for Bout Time and Gremlin’s family during time of trial and struggle
BROlympics 2.bro, Feb 24 Weddington High School
Speed for Need Race – March 3, Symphony Park

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