That may leave a mark

That may leave a mark

Final count, 15 pax chose to make RockZero their source of long weekend downPAINment.  Coming in hot, YHC made it in time to announce “30 seconds” before launch, while Runstopper wheeled in even later.  We did a few obligatory SSHs while he adjusted his tights (with over-shorts – much obliged) and then joined us.

Disclaimer – not a pro; it’s your choice whether to follow my suggestions or not; don’t hurt yourself – #lawyerspeak

The Thang


Just the 10 SSH IC, noted above.

Follow me – long mosey, out entrance 4 (?), left on Rea, left on 51, left into the far entrance back into RockZero, stopping at the playground.

“You know, we could have just cut right through the parking lot.”  “Hey, High Tide, you don’t have to get all 3 miles in at once.”  #colorcommentary

Playground Superset 1:

  • Partner up – stay with your partner, while you each complete:
  • Pullups – 10, 9, 8, …1
  • Squats – 30, 30, 30, … 30
  • As you finish, help other pax finish theirs.

“pullups suck”  “should this be something Alabama related, like with the number 17”  #morecolorcommentary

Mosey to parking lot

Alabama Slammer:

  • Line up abreast (as YHC was told that Gummy would say it – #allhail), and jog back and forth while doing declining numbers of Merkins – 20, 19, 18, … 5
  • As you finish, help other pax finish theirs.

“you know, this is kinda like a deconstructed Murph, with the pullups and merkins and squats”  #wileypax

“this is ruck friendly?!”  (just not ruck easy)

Mosey back to playground

Playground Set 2:

“let me guess, we start with 9 pullups this time?”  #theyaregood

  • Pullups – 9, 8, 7, … 1
  • Merkins – 3x pullup number – ie. 27, 24, 21, …3
  • As you finish, help other pax finish theirs.

At this point, some pax were nearing failure, while others were just plain refuseniking.  Mermaid stepped in to calm the savage beasts before things got ugly, leading the mutinous pax outside the fence, onto the sidewalk, and assuaged them with assorted Mary.  #thatswhyhesNantan

Finishing up, exit the playground enclosure, and resume your own navigation, scratch that, jog back to the cars the long way around that we began with.

Discussion ensued of:  “that was a deconstructed Murph” “how many reps of each?” “100 pullups, 200 merkins, 300 squats + 1 mile on either end”  “we did waaay more than 200 merkins”  #overdeliver  #ciphering

Once back to the cars, “Mary, to kill the time?”  Nah.

  • Line up abreast, along this line, face that way, no, that line, no, that way.  No, like this.  “ohhh”  #timekiller
  • Karaoke left to pavement color change
  • Karaoke right back to start
  • For Icky – sprint to pavement color change
  • Backpedal back to start   “like a DB, come on!”   #proudmoment


About 3.25 miles, but your mileage may vary




  1. Pray for Bout Time – his family as his son, Jennings, battles leukemia
  2. Pray for Runstopper’s son, Ninja Turtle, as he deals with the loss of a friend to overdose and the family of that friend
  3. Look out for information on Sandbox – an opportunity to help community families with terminally ill children
  4. The Rooster – world’s fastest marathon, next Saturday, Rock Hill SC – there is a ruck division – see Hoover or Geraldo if you’d like to participate

Sore Moleskinne:

Yeah, that’s definitely gonna leave a mark.  Several of us have already discussed that.  It was more brutal than recalled from last time; perhaps YHC was in better shape?  Definitely weighed less, even without the 20# ruck that Hoover had – but he’s a small guy and needs the challenge.

Anyway, yes, it was to be a deconstructed Murph, which as prescribed is:  1 mile run, 100 pullups, 200 pushups, 300 squats, 1 mile run – all with a 20# body armor (or weigh vest or ruck).  Therefore, YHC announced it would be ruck & weight vest friendly and offered his own weight vest, should anyone want it.  (no takers)  Hoover did wear his ruck.  Yes, YHC was truthful in saying it is “ruck friendly” (since it is Rx’ed that way), albeit not “ruck easy”.

YHC knew we’d exceed the 2 miles for Murph – there is a 3 mile Rock Zero requirement, after all – but among the afternoon conference calls, the merkin count planning went awry.  We hit the desired 200 merkins on the Alabama Slammer.  Calculated that one right.  No recollection of why the additional merkins were planned during the 2nd playground set.  Maybe it was that one annoying email?  Regardless, we overdelivered on merkins.

Final tally?

  • 3.25 miles – √     (yes, this check mark looks like a square root, but it really isn’t.  ok, yes it is, but get over it.)
  • 100 pullups – √
  • 335 merkins – √√
  • 300 squats – √
  • Mary?  Bonus

On a separate note, some were surprised and asked why today’s workout wasn’t Alabama themed.  Sure, YHC could have worked in Alabama trivia as part of the exercises, like an Alabama Slammer, or as counts, “why didn’t you use 17?”  While Icky, Jet Fuel, and YHC would have certainly enjoyed it, it’s not as easy to work in:

  • 2017 wins over worthy playoff opponents in Clemson (24-6) & Georgia (26-23)
  • 17 national championships  overall
  • 1st national championship in 1925, capping an undefeated season with a 20-19 win over Washington in the Rose Bowl

as it was for Tua Tagovailoa to toss the winning touchdown pass.  Or, who could forget:

  • National championships in 8 decades
  • National championships by 5 coaches – Wallace Wade (1925, 1926, 1930); Frank Thomas (1934, 1941); Bear Bryant (1961, 1964, 1965, 1973, 1978, 1979); Gene Stallings (1992); Nick Saban (2009, 2011, 2012, 2015, 2017)
  • Back to back championships in 1925-26, 1964-65, 1978-79, 2011-12

but what do they have to do with F3, beyond providing fodder for conversation and building relationships?  So, YHC won’t go there.

Instead, in all seriousness, being an Alabama fan has been easier the past 9 years than it was from 1992-2009, that I like to call “the Wilderness”.  And despite the number of past championships, I appreciate each one, knowing how close it comes to be or not to be, and so, I’ll enjoy them while they last and until Coach Saban hangs up his straw hat.  Meanwhile, there are some great budding rivalries with Clemson and Georgia, and that’s what makes football fun.  (and, it gives Dabo some good experience for when “Momma calls” down the road)

Oh, Mermaid, on another note and back to our discussion of Leg 35 of BRR – the run you shared with me two years ago was a PR for me.  I ran it again last year, better conditioned I believe, but I failed to match the time we set.  I attribute that to the Iron-sharpening encouragement you gave me along the way.  Thanks, brother.  (but, I don’t want to run that Leg again – 1000 foot climb in 2 miles.  Twice was enough.)

Thanks, guys, for the opportunity to lead.  And, for tolerating my AL nonsense.

It’s always an honor.


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Ickey ShufflePosted on12:38 am - Jan 14, 2018

Don’t forget the 1966 “missing ring” team that went undefeated and untied but was not voted the national champion because Ara Parseghian’s candy ass took a knee and played for the tie against Michigan State. That tells you everything you ever need to know about Notre Dame. Coach Bryant would never be content to win in the polls vs on the field. I hope the Bear enjoyed the 2012 BCS title game whipping against the Irish from the Pearly Gates with a Chesterfield and a glass of sour mash. Roll Tide.

MermaidPosted on1:52 am - Jan 14, 2018

Yep, leg 35, good times. Glad to run it with you HT. Much better than solo.

Got home and did a few more Merkins. Quick couple hundred, just for fun.

Great start to the day. Thanks for a solid beating

JetFuelPosted on11:30 pm - Jan 15, 2018

And furthermore, lest we not forget the following mind blowing statistics:
30 Conference titles
64 Bowl game appearances
37 Bowl victories
34 seasons with 10 or more victories
19 seasons with a 10-0 start.
“I could go on, but then I would start to bore you.”
Alabama first played intercollegiate football in 1892, so we just completed our 125th season. By my statistical calculation, that equates to 1 national title every 7.4 seasons. I don’t know much, but I do know that is hugely impressive.
High Tide, great Q, even better back blast. I am still sore from Saturday.
Roll Tide Roll,
Jet Fuel
BSME ’94, MSME ’96
The University of Alabama

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