Guess that 90’s tune

Guess that 90’s tune

12 studly men ventured out for a monster of a Meathead workout.


Warm up

10 x Two handed swings
10 push-ups with right hand on Bell
10 push-ups with left hand on bell

Repeat down to one.

10 deep goblet squats
10 lunges right leg without bell
10 lunges left leg without bell
Repeat down to one

10 two handed up right rows
10 kettlebell high pulls right arm
10 kettlebell high pulls left arm

Repeat down to one

10 bicep curls with kettle bell
10 cleans with Right arm
10 cleans with left arm
Repeat down to one
Doubles with partner – swing, clean, squat, press rounds of 3,4,5 & 6

Big Finisher

Snatches x 5 each arm

Thrusters x 5 each arm

Goblet squats x 5

Single arm swings x 5 each arm

5 burpees


Repeat x 2






Record turnout for 2018 at Meathead this morning and it may have something to do with the temperature being above 20. YHC likes to think it was the promise of a tough workout and quality tunes of the 90’s variety. As I pulled into the parking lot Fireman Ed was already yapping away and I considered tapering the workout to allow for his green bell and lack of form but we ended up sticking to the plan banging out 124 merkins in the first few minutes. Here are some things we learned this morning:

  1. Country Livin was born in 1989 and his mum would not let him listen to “Pretty Fly for a White Guy”
  2. Young Love and Fireman Ed were talking about the dangers of the “fake pill”…
  3. Tackling Dummy came out for his first F3 workout of 2018 #kotters
  4. Been Around the World by Daft Punk is one of the most annoying tunes ever.
  5. MMM Bop is not the theme tune of Marshville, NC.
  6. Witch Dr and Blazing Saddles are getting dangerously close to 50!
  7. High Tide hinted at a name change to Roll Tide.

Good crack today fellas. Thanks for coming out and keep up the momentum for 2018.


Announcement: New Third F named the ManCave meats at Arboretum Panera Bread at 6:30 am on Fridays. Going through the daily study of





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