Sleep is overrated

Sleep is overrated

11 PAX posted at Fast Twitch after most stayed up well past there bedtime to watch the CFP Championship game.  Lots of work was done on very little sleep.

Prior to the workout, an unnamed PAX asked if we were just going to run or would there be some actual boot camp and maybe a bit of core work.  Being just as guilty as anyone in the “run more, less core” Q style, I decided it was time to oblige.  (while still getting the miles you have come to expect at FT.)

The Thang:

Run down Strawberry and wind our way to the good ole’ Coburn Half Pipe.  A few stops on the way for Imperial Walkers, Squats, and SSH’s.  Plank up for instructions a the base of the half pipe.

Partner up with someone who is prettier than you.  (I know, not many options).  P1 that direction up the hill to the stop sign, 1 Burpee.  P2 runs this direction up the hill to the stop sign, 1 Burpee.  Return to the middle for 10 partner handslap merkins.  Flapjack direction and continue on with the 11’s until 10 Burpees and one hand slap merkin.  Purell and Rachel were flying and qualified themselves for the bonus round of 11 burpees and 0 merkins.  Turkey Leg and Bout Time were close behind and did the extra run, just not sure about the extra burpees.

Everyone did some flutters, LBC’s, Freddy Mercury, and Glute Bridges while we waiting for all to finish.  And then we had over 20 minutes to kill.  This didn’t take as long as I expected.  Time for the long road home out Coburn past Bevington.  At Cary Ridge head out to 51 AYG while stopping at each side street for 5 merkins.  2 side streets in one intersection was 10 merkins.  Plank for 6.

Mosey to Davie Park.  Off Road cross country style down the slope to the main road in Davie park by the gates.  All you got down the big hill, round the cut-de-sac and back to gate.  Cul-de-sac turned out to be just below freezing and a little slick from last evenings rain.  Glad no one bit it.

Head back to launch with some AYG once we left the park up to the light on Strawberry.  Out of time and out of ideas so head back to cars.


Was great to have Bout Time back with us after spending the last month in the hospital with his son, Jennings.  Let me be the first to say, if he has remained any where close to as emotionally strong through this as he has physically strong, then I am in awe.  He was flying out there.  And with him there, I’m pretty sure none of us could complain about not getting enough sleep with two new borns in the house!  Glad to have you out brother.

Cobains to Benny for having him do partner work solo.  I thought everyone had a partner, too dark to see.  Either way he did fine and the marathon training continues to treat him well.  Less aches and pains when you are only 25 years old.

Utah and Fault Line partnered up to crush the course, realizing they were at a disadvantage on the burpees.  Long arms might help to get stuff off the top shelf, grab rebounds, and block kicks, but they slow down the burpee pace.  Last I saw Hops and Haze they were warming up together at Joe Davis and still partnered up this AM.  It was cute, they never really separated.  Glad to have Hops back out at FT.  I know you hate the running, but it’s good for you.  And thanks to Astro for being my partner.  Was easy to spot the signature big pom pom on the top of the toboggan in the shadows.

Thanks to Hops for the take out along with prayers for Jennings and the Palmer family.


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HopsPosted on9:30 pm - Jan 9, 2018

Unnamed pax was YHC. Careful what you ask for. Nearly 6 miles and a bunch of burpees…maybe just running would be ok?! Good to meet Astro and Benny. After 5.7’ish miles and lots of burpees & merkins, Fault Line had quite a bit in the tank as he dusted a few of us on the AYG run back to Strawberry Lane #sandbagger
Also, not until this morning did I figure out who Eddie Morgan is….I had asked who it was who finished ahead of Frasier in the JD this weekend. Purell can run…never saw him at the JD…but I saw him from way up in the distance this morning.
Solid Q Alf.

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