It takes 8° mornings to make you appreciate 28° mornings…..

It takes 8° mornings to make you appreciate 28° mornings…..

9 PAX posted at Watchtower on a beautiful, balmy, 28° morning.  Sometimes in life all you need is a little context to help you put things in perspective.  For us it was the recognition we could be sucking wind in single digit weather with a 10 mph breeze.  There was a little extra spring in everyone’s step and they were happy to be out from the oppressive cold.


The usual..nothing real creative here –

  • Side Straddles
  • Imperial Walkers
  • Potato Pickers
  • Merkins
  • Something else here…but its been a long day and the Elijah Craig has me relaxed and not really caring what the last warm up exercise was.

The Thang:

After the warmup lap, disclaimer and COP warmup we moseyed to the alcove on the side of WHS.  There we paired up and each duo completed the following while the non-working partner ran a full parking lot lap:

  1. 125 Merkins
  2. 100 Squats
  3. 75 Incline Merkins

Next up we moseyed to the stairs at the back of the school for 4 sets of alternating calf raises (heels out, heels in and regular) with a lap around the sidewalk circle to start each set anew.

The next mosey brought us to the low wall outside of the stadium for:

  1. 50 Step-ups on the wall
  2. 75 Dips
  3. 25 Decline Merkins

Mosey on to the visitor side bleachers for the obligatory bleacher run……..up and down every aisle.

On to the brick outhouse behind the bleachers for some wall work:

  1. 25 squat thrusts
  2. 15 squat, jump, touches
  3. 25 Mike Tysons

Start the mosey back to the COP area….short break at the bridge for a lunge walk across.  Moseyed on to the left side of the school covered area for 25 dips on the benches and……..

….back to the start for 3 minutes of Mary.  I know Posse had us do box cutters and from there the last two exercises are blurry.


The turnout was light, but given there were a lot of Dawg’s licking there wounds from staying up to late to see Bama Roll over Georgia…it was to be expected.  Any and all GroupMe users woke up to 897 unread postings from PAX half-in-the-bag commenting on the game.  The shots fired at Dirty Bird were enough to break his #Unoffendable bone and cause him to disavow the GroupMe Playhouse.  We all know though that he’ll be back.  No one can stay away indefinitely.   That’s all for now…peace out.


– Mad Dog

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