DMZ Kicks Off 2018


DMZ Kicks Off 2018

Rolled into Carmel Road Neighborhood Park at 5:23, empty lot, but quickly joined by the Agony-wagon and then one by one others to get to lucky number 7 to begin the morning’s festivities.

COP: Low, Slow Squat x10 IC, Merkins x33 IC

Mosey down Camilla to the first speed bump –  Jerkins x15 OYO, keep going to second speed bump, Parker Peter x10 IC, keep going to the rock pile.

Select TWO rocks per man. Mosey w/rocks down to track, enter track and go to far end. Stash rocks in the end zone.

Begin the Burpee Pullup Mile:

4 laps. On each lap: 14-12-10-8 burpees at the north end of track, hop the fence on south end and do 14-12-10-8 pullups on the soccer goals. Do 3 diamonds for every pullup not completed.

Audible: Soccer goals were iced over, so went with 28-24-20-16 diamonds instead.

Various planks on the six.

Move rocks to track. Begin the Lactic Shaker: Grab one rock and walk 100M while doing skullcrushers and curls IC. Set the rocks down.  AYG 300M.  Walk 200M – skullcrushers, curls, shoulder press IC. Drop the rock. AYG 300M. Walk 200M – skullcrushers, curls, one arm press L, R. Drop the rock. AYG 300M. Walk 100M with more upper body exercises IC. Pick up second rock and mosey back to rockpile.

Drop the rocks, mosey to edge of tarmac, LBCs on the six.  Mosey back home, stop at speed bumps for 15 jump squats OYO and flutter x20 IC.


  • I was beyond disappointed that we couldn’t do pullups on the soccer goals, will have to wait for another time, with less ice
  • We welcomed back Frack who lives nearby and hasn’t posted in a long time. Hung in there and we look forward to seeing him out regularly
  • Note, this is a different Frack. You guys will have to work it out
  • We can’t use the rocks anymore without mention of Runstopper and the fire ant incident last summer. Conclusion today was too cold to be a threat
  • Speaking of Runstopper?
  • Looks like maybe the cold is canceling out the Gladiator guy’s resolutionaire bump. #TAP
  • No Chelms despite my stone cold EH at the Joe Davis run. It was really, really cold that is. The EH itself was kind of luke-warm
  • Cold enough today that Jamboree was in long sleeves! Great work, always pushing
  • Believe One Eye out in front on all three AYG 300s. Chappy and Silent Bob crushing it too.
  • Agony with the “professional” take out – thank you sir.  Reminder that the cold brings our homeless population into focus
  • Next week, Rachel on Q, don’t miss it
  • New @F3DMZ twitter tag – follow it
  • Always an honor to lead the great crew at the DMZ

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