16 Men 16 Degrees

16 Men 16 Degrees

Okay so talking about the cold weather is already old and cliche, however, I was informed this am that this is the coldest Charlotte (or NC) weather since 1920. Wow. I think it was Cottontail who shared that…thank you. The forecast was 16 degrees, give or take a few. At 5:20am, a car pulled in, then another, and another and another and …. OMG, it was a legit group of motivated PAX…16 total. Godsmack walked up in shorts, short sleeves, no hat, no gloves, no sweatshirt. Since we hadn’t seen him in awhile, I’m assuming he was in a deep sleep and no one told him it was Winter. BLC loaned him some extra gloves #MintHillPrepared. ¬†Orange Whip was channeling old school Rocky Balboa, clad in great sweat pants and sweat shirt. Turkey Leg displayed some Smurf like royal blue gloves that made his hands abnormally larger than anything else on his body. Aside from that it was tough to know who was there because of all the layers and beanies pulled down snug over the ears…except for Sunshine that is, his long golden locks did not disappoint. I gave a quick disclaimer and off we went.

Mosey through Covenant Day to Fullwood and hit the neigborhood next door for a long than normal warm up. COP back at CD parking lot for SSH x 25, Merkins x 10, IW x 25, Carolina Dry Docks x 10. We proceeded the long way around the school as I pointed out designated areas; we arrived at the rock pile where we chose a lifting rock and did 25 overhead shoulder press.

Now back at the start at the side frontage road we began the AMRAP with four (4) stations around the entire campus, 25 Merkins, 25 Jump Squats, 25 Carolina Dry Docks and 25 Shoulder Press with Rock. GO!

Moleskin: The group broke up quickly, TL, Alf and Orange Whip jumping out front with something to prove. I couldn’t really tell where everyone was until the end as we all filed back to parking lot for some mary that had already started when I got there. Stone Cold displayed true class hanging with Godsmack who was pushing hard after some time off. HH found a football and made a side game of Fumble = Burpees as it made its way around the group. I think the minimum distance was 3.5 miles with the fast guys getting in 4 laps and over 4 miles. The goal was to stay in motion to offset the low temps. Mission complete.

Couple announcements, Joe Davis run tomorrow at 8am in Fort Mill, you can still run or just show up, it’s not too late!! New F3 bible study after Kevlar at Panera Arboretum #mancave. Thank you Squid for the takeout. Thank you all for showing up this morning in true F3 fashion.

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