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WonPahtnuGoUhstehrsUddahPahtneRonUdrWei… OK?


It was cold…10 degrees.  If YHC had whipped out my weinke, it would have frozen.  Speaking of frozen, when YHC got home, found out my pipes had frozen throughout the house #noshowerbeforework .  Oh well, things could be worse… like the cold freezing the eardrums of the 12 bold PAX that posted such that instructions could not be followed… or heard… or understood this morning. That’s ok, as the Q YHC takes ultimate responsibility for such belligerence, so will try to un-sharpen my harsh Mongol intonation and speak more clearly next time. Enough jabbering, here’s what we did…


  • Quick mosey around the football field, stop in deck for some SSH, I/W and Mountain climbers … really just waiting for Scabby to hurry up after the running in with his 27 layers of high-visability clothing #safety!  Margo was miffed on my Mongol intonation on the #10 of the I/W, which started the morning fiasco.
  • P#1 runs up parking deck staircase carrying 20-35lb instrument (dumbell, sandbell, or kettlebell) five three times. P#2 runs to the other end of the deck, up staircase, and across top of deck to meet P#1.  Each partner then does 5 weighted reverse burpees, and 5 unweighted. Flapjack. 4 rounds total (2x up stairs each)
  • Catch-me-if-you-can:
    • Rd#1: P#1 runs backwards with weight up deck, P#2 does 2 burpees and catches P#1. Flapjack.
    • Rd#2: Carry weighted object running forwards up to teh top of desk, flapjack every turn.
    • Rd#3: Side shuffle up inclines of deck, forwards on flats to the top
    • Rd#4: Both partners up staircase 2X alternating carrying weights each time
  • Wrap-up final few minutes both partners doing full WW2 sit-ups alternating with the weighted object for 3 min.  When complete, do 10 Dragon-Flag sit-ups per Margo‘s Twitter request. Finito!


YHC was worried about today… sick for a few days, and honestly just not in the greatest shape but working on it.  Glad to see one of my very best F3 friends, Mr. Brady, show up today.  Brady would die for me, and proved it today by posting at a bootcamp.. and carrying weights!  Chelms just nearly died from a self-described heart rate spike according to Twitter.  Lorax doesn’t have a heart, since he wore shorts and a shirt to workout in while moving at warp speed #coldblooded.  Mermaid and ? did 1,264 supine rope pullups, and forced YHC to modify the workout after instructions were unfollowed by doing them the ENTIRE time we went up the deck.  Champagne forced us all to do extra slow squats while he exercised his lips… we nearly froze in place.  Rachel needs to wear shorts over his tights , especially if wearing a bright yellow jacket to highlight the feature.  No fun running behind him, and we all are.  Brilleaux was YHC partner and was kind enough to do all the heavy lifting, while YHC cut corners up the deck. Marconi and Utah chose the heavy weights and are exempt from any trolling #respect. Mr. Brady led us chatting with the man upstairs to end the workout. Finito!

Thank you for the opportunity to lead as always, and thanks for joining me in the harsh weather for the first Q of 2018 for me, and post.  YHC enjoyed posting in many regions in 2017 and will likely continue to change it up in 2018.  Encourage you to step out of the comfort zone and try it from time to time as well. #Nation>Region


  • Most of you already look like Deuce Bigalow European Gigolo…. so offer your services for FREE for a great cause and be a male escort for someone special girl with a special need at the Joy Prom at Carmel Baptist Church.  Scabby can give you more details, or click the  LINK TO LEARN MORE
  • See you at Joe Davis Race tomorrow with ~200 of your other brothers. Packet pickup today at Omega Sports in Arboretum.  Dress warmly.
    • Please sign the Joe Davis / SFN / F3 Cancas in the SFN tent
    • Be there no later than 0715 for warmup followed by unveiling of two new racing chairs
    • As mentioned in COT, several racing chairs will be running empty in memorial of Joe Davis, TC Ava Malesiewski, F3-Cheech, and others we have lost from addicttion or special circumstance and want to celebrate.  You will have the opportunity to push a segment of the race, and write the name of someone you want to remember on a paper, and put in the bag on the racing chair.

“Who Pushes Who?!?” ~ SPEED FOR NEED 

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