Neck scarves and EMOMS

Neck scarves and EMOMS

After my usual complaining we started off with the usual warm up, laps around the light pole with some SSH and IW mixed in.

With that we were off to Davie park… one caveat:

Each minute a burpee is done.

1 min: 1 burpee

2 min: 2 burpee

3 min: 3 burpee

So the running was constantly interrupted by an increasing number of burpees leaving less and less time before the next whole minute rolled around!

Then to the playground for a little pull-up/burpee action. 5 sets… on each minute do 5 burpees/5 pullups -> up to 5 minutes

After that, we grabbed a lifting rock did 5 thrusters and ran one lap around the short track (about 100m) and rested. EMOM and repeat for 5.

Run back to the AO same thing… burpees on the minute.

Little bit of Mary, and time!



  • Header had a sweet neck scarf… which I was going to make fun of… but I guess I am the sucker since I order the same one on amazon later.
  • Cage is killing it coming to so many workouts in a row – great to see him.

17 degrees is about my limit. maybe I am soft but holy smokes my face was frozen!


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