A Small Word Can Promote a Big Change

A Small Word Can Promote a Big Change

4 PAX came to Blakovery to begin the New Year. I could easily recall the route we ran, but I thought it was better to tell about the lesson I learned.

Sometimes a big change in our lives starts out small.  An EH. (want to start Blakovery a little later Monday?)  A direct message on Slack. (Anyone up for Blakeovery with a later start? Say 0700?)   An encouraging word. (you can make it the entire way).   Then a conversation:

Tuck: PJ, its a New Year, a new you.

PJ: I was comfortable with the old me.

Bunker: You are not suppose to be comfortable.

For me F3 has never been comfortable. Bootcamps, carrying sandbags, burpees, lifting rocks, working out in the rain, snow, bitter cold, developing close friendships with other men, talking about my faith, praying in front of 30 other guys, admitting I need help, showing my scars with the hope it would help another, the list goes on.  (I almost forgot running)

But maybe I came to the point where I was getting comfortable. Maybe I need to be more uncomfortable.

It is interesting how these epiphanies come out frequently at Blakovery.  It made me wonder. Maybe the reason why these guys run has nothing to do with the mileage or the PRs. Maybe it has to do with what they learn about themselves and others when they run.  I am not too sure because #iamnotarunner.

See you at Joe Davis next Saturday, time to get uncomfortable.

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TuckPosted on3:00 pm - Jan 1, 2018

Best. Blakovery. BackBlast. Ever.

Fire HazardPosted on7:14 pm - Jan 1, 2018

Glad you guys had a productive day. I think you summed up what f3 is to alot of us. Thanks for always being their to lead the PAX PJ.

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