Stonehenge – 5 Years of Changing Lives

Stonehenge – 5 Years of Changing Lives

With no disclaimer (the HORROR!) and little baby jog across the street.
Side-straddle hops
Little baby crunch

Loch Ness Laps
10 steps up patio 1, 10 derkins patio 2, 10 dips picnic tables
20 steps up patio 1, 20 derkins patio 2, 20 dips picnic tables
30 steps up patio 1, 30 derkins patio 2, 30 dips picnic tables
20 steps up patio 1, 20 derkins patio 2, 20 dips picnic tables
10 steps up patio 1, 10 derkins patio 2, 10 dips picnic tables


Little baby jog to the bull statues
10 squats
10 lbc
10 ‘mericans

Lake Laps
10 lbc, run a lap
8 lbc, run a lap
6 lbc, run a lap
4 lbc, run a lap
2 lbc, run a lap

Little baby job and jailbreak back to the Vine.

Like the end of every episode of He-Man, here’s the moral of the story – you can start a legacy. Five years ago, a group of guys just like you decided the workouts, fellowship and service projects they were too special not to share. They decided to bring it F3 to Ballantyne. (Haggis, Honey Bee and Dolphin helped scout the area that become the AO that is used by Stonehenge, Bagpipe, Swift & The Brave.) That workout grew into a new region and impacted hundreds, maybe thousands, of men, their families our community.

Let this new year be your opportunity to start something positive. It can be a new tradition with your family, a new project at work or volunteering at church or a community organization. It doesn’t need to be big, at least not right away. Legacy requires consistency. Greatness requires commitment – a discipline to repeat and improve.

See you next Saturday, and next Saturday, and next Saturday…

Long live Stonehenge.

written by Dolphin

It’s amazing to see how SOB has grown form a single workout (Stonehenge) to its own region with multiple workouts on every day in just 5 years.  It’s a testament to strong leadership of F3 Nation and every HIM that leads or takes part in all three f’s in the region.  Thank you to all who have helped drive this growth over the past five years.

A special welcome to FNG Fokker.  Thanks for coming out and hope to see you again soon.

F3 holds a special place in my heart and although I don’t get out like I used to, it is still very important to me.  YHC was very humbled by this workout and it will serve as motivation for me to get my butt back into “fighting shape”.


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JRR TolkienPosted on4:31 pm - Dec 31, 2017

You hit it on the head Turkey…

Let’s start some Tradition and Legacy together SOB’s. Be a #HIM don’t just say it.

TuckPosted on6:39 pm - Dec 31, 2017

Well said WT. I’m not even going to try to one-up you like JRRT.

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