Back to the Track

Back to the Track

Wondering what kind of turnout we’d have during the week of Christmas, I was pleasantly surprised to be joined by 5 other men— all looking to burn a few extra Christmas calories. Props to Puddin Pop, who showed up even with no scheduled work day. (This may have been the case for others, but I didn’t hear otherwise.)

Anyway, with all regulars in attendance, the disclaimer was short & sweet.  At promptly 5:30, we headed out by jogging a lap around the bus parking lot.  The rest went like this:

Warm-up jog suicides with backpedal as the return exercise, followed by the same routine with bounding steps and backpedal.  Circle up for COP— 10 IW, 10 SSH, 10 LSS, 10 Merkins, 10 MCs.  Jog to the track and add one more lap to complete the warm-up.

Instruction given to the PAX for the first set of exercises— Run 1 lap, then 10 x Merkins, 20 x Squats, 30 x LBCs.  Repeat the process 3 more laps, adding 10 reps to each exercise after every lap.

Next set of exercises— Run 2 laps, then 10 x CDDs, 20 x Sister Mary Catherine’s, 30 x Flutter kicks.

Jog to Semi-Gloss’s office, partner up with one lifting rock per group. P1 did called exercise while P2 ran down the ramp and back up the stairs.  Exercises were— Bicep curls, Tricep press, overhead press, flutter press.

One set/minute of wall sits and back to launch. Done!

Moleskin: Great group of men with solid site leadership!  Thanks for the opportunity to lead. Or maybe I should thank Header—who was on the schedule but instead chose to spend time with his family at an exclusive mountain outpost where I’m sure he’s hunting and shooting stuff!

Jet Fuel and I should be enemies this week with the Sugar Bowl coming up—but I like him too much.  Great guy.  And he does pull for a really good team. I just happen to be an alumn of their opponent.

Dollywood was very excited for track work!  I know he doesn’t like it, so I thought this would be my chance to beat him.  Didn’t work out so well for me!

Happy New Year to all the Area 51 men.  I pray that 2018 will provide many opportunities for us to use our platform to bring Him glory.

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