F3 Dads – Paintball Sat Dec 30th

F3 Dads – Paintball Sat Dec 30th


I hope that you had a great Christmas. I have spoke to many of you about a paintball day this Saturday from 12-3pm at Palmetto Hills Paintball in Rock Hill, SC.

I have a private ref scheduled for our group and it should be a good chance to blast your kids on some fun courses! We have around 20 committed right now and we could easily double that. Here is some info to help you make the decision:

Location: Palmetto Hills Paintball, 1481 Anderson Road S, Rock Hill, SC 29730

Time and Date: Saturday 12/30/2017 from 12pm-3pm (get there 30 mins early to rent equipment)

Cost: $20 ish per person for rental guns, masks, air, field time etc depending on amount of paintballs you use. I usually go to Dicks and get 4000 paintballs for $55 to save money and have plenty to play. Paint is more expensive on site.

Other info: Kids are supposed to be 10 or older and you have to sign waiver. Games are high powered so no pansy kids who may cry and it will be cold and it will sting. Have them wear layers and you can always rent a protective vest if you want for $3.00

Fire away with any questions. Hard commits so far are YHC, Header, Busch, Bananas, Tackling Dummy, Spackler, Hops, Sidecar, with maybes on Horsehead and VooDoo.

Hope to see you there!




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