Bringing back The BRAVE!

Bringing back The BRAVE!


19 men showed up to the toughest SOB workout of the week… THE BRAVE.  More on that later…


An AMRAP disguised as a “challenge”.

  • 0515 Wheels Up! Run .9mi from launch to the new Bissell 8 Story Parking Deck, through Ballantyne Golf Course
  • Instructions given for the “Tolkien Challenge” of the day:
    • 25 x 6-INCH LBCs AT TOP
    • 25 x 6-INCH LBCs AT TOP

REPEAT SEQUENCE TO LEVEL 7 > 6 > 5 > 4 > 3 > 2 > Tolkien Challenge Complete!!!

If finished… GO BACK UP 2 > 3 > 4 > 5 > 6 > 7 > 8

  • Run AYG BACK to Launch at 0600-0605. MUST get back by 0615 and not a minute late or it doesn’t count.


Had a really great time with all of you this morning.  A PERFECT group of guys to sweat with.  Hats off to Kirby, for posting last time YHC did the deck AMRAP, coming again this time knowing it was going to be pain, giving his all, and making it a goal of 2018 not to PR a race, but be fit enough to give a special kid a push in a SPEED FOR NEED racing chair #HIM.  Props to outgoing Nantan Madame Tousseau as well, for always looking out for others and covering the 6, not just today, but at almost every workout YHC has done in my 3+ years of SOB workouts.  Incoming Nantan Thin Mint led the way (along with Mario) and completed the Tolkien Challenge.  He will be leading the SOB region and we should all give him our full support and step up our game.  Speaking of the silverbacked Mario, it’s been quite a successful year for him racing, and even though he’s 26yrs old, we can all learn something about dedication and hard work to get better. Hollywood fell just short of completing the challenge but took 3rd place honors… well done and welcome.  In the battle of the highest hairdue, Wingman and Mr. Bean gave an old fashioned solid effort, and it was really great to see many long-time SOBs show up and put in the work.  Tuck chased down YHC and Doc McStuffins on the 5th level, and is poised for a breakout 2018.  After Q’ing dozens of workouts all over Charlotte in 2017, it was great to suffer with all of you Friday morning, for my last Q of the year.  Thanks for coming.

The Brave used to be my favorite SOB workout… still is.  In fact, back when Slack was still alive, we’d argue where it ranked in the Top5 F3 Nation Charlotte workouts, which says something already to even be in the conversation.  Forget pre-running, you’d need that energy for the workout.  Want to mumblechatter? Post on Saturdays for that.  And there were even less refuseniks on called exercises, because anyone who showed up to the Brave was looking for… EXPECTING … a beatdown, from the Q and themselves, and at 0515 it was time to put in the work.  This is the Brave.

It was Tuck who popped the cherry on “Room 101”, the new Bissell 8-story parking deck on Community House Road back on 6/9/17 during his 8-Deck Tour.  It had not even been fully constructed at the time.  Well it’s done now, and YHC thinks the Brave is supposed to make visiting Room101 a regular stop going forward.  Why? Because this is The Brave!  a 8 story parking deck right in our backyard, willing… waiting…  to test all abilities, and provide a measurable challenge each and every time. Structure the workout right, and you’ll have fellowship from the first pax to the last.  It’s SUPPOSED to be hard, and going up 8 levels (140 steps) to the top of the staircase is tough to beat.  Here’s another challenge, how bout we each set a benchmark to measure how many times up and down the 8-story staircase and back to launch in a hour?  Frasier once held the record at Metro’s The Muthaship of 16X up and down the dizzyback spiral.

All that being said, it’s been a year almost exactly to the day since YHC Q’d the Brave, and YHC has only been to a few Brave workouts in 2017 mostly due to marathon training.  But it’s almost a new year, and YHC is challenging myself, and all of you, to post at the toughest SOB workout of the week…The Brave.

Thank you Private Benjamin for the takeout.


  • 1/8/18… clowncar to the Muthaship for partner workout… 12 story parking deck with corkscrew dizzyback ramp. Yes, 50% more elevation than Room101. Test yourself.
  • Sign up to run with ~200 other F3 Nation brothers at the Joe Davis 5K/10K on 1/6/2018… SPEED FOR NEED Racing chairs will be there where F3 Nation men will be pushing their special 2.0s .  Come support them, and join the fight against substance addiction.
  • Show some SOB Regional pride and come to:
    • Stonehenge 5YR Anniversary Convergence on 12/30/17
    • daVinci 2YR Anniversary Convergence on 1/13/18
    • SOB 2YR Anniversary Convergence on 1/16/18
  • Don’t be “that guy” this holiday season.


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