‘Twas the Friday before Christmas…..

‘Twas the Friday before Christmas…..


17 Pax posted for a good old fashioned Merkin heavy beatdown. Clearly favoring my personal likes and dislikes this workout was heavy on upper body exercises and short fast runs. Any time the Pax were gathered in close proximity there was the distinct smell of Fox’s Pizza Den and Dreamcatchers wafting about. Clearly many of the Pax parents didn’t warn them about posting pics while they’ve been drinking as the #playhouse holds evidence of a late evening for many. However, in true F3 fashion Dreamwreckers was not able to claim any victims and keep them away. With a quick warm up and the usual legal disclaimers out the way we moseyed to the start of Cutty’s service road to the back fields.

The Thang

1. Ran the back service road, stopping at each light to do 5 burpees. Ended at Transporters office for some wall work.
2. Grabbed wall for 30x wall squat air press, 15x squat jump’s and 15x donkey kicks.
3. On to the rock pile to grab a lifting rock. Partnered up for each pair to do 100x curls, 100x military presses, 50x front raises and a bonus round of 50x curls. Partner sprinted to end of fence line when not working the rock.
4. Ran to the “stairs” for a side Merkin climb. At the top we re-paired to do 75x Merkins, 100x LBC’s…one partner worked while the other ran to the bottom of the stairs to knock out 5 burpees each time before heading back up.
5. Quick run to the covered lap area for some split sprint/recovery alternating laps.
6. Moseyed to the front of the school to grab some bench for 50x dips and 50x incline Merkins.
7. Back to the start for rotating ab work.


Asked at the eleventh hour to sub-Q for this workout, I just couldn’t get one of Frack’s favorite thoughts out of my mind, as frankly he put into words what I’ve thought my entire life. “If a chick with muscles looks like a guy, then what does a guy with no muscles look like?” Deep thought by Frack Handy. That thought also turned out to be apropos toward the end as the FNG was named. More on that in a minute. Everyone hung well…good mumblechatter told me we were getting the job done. To steal an old adage from the Corps that is certainly appropriate for F3, “the only Marine (or F3er) that you worry about is the one who isn’t bitching.” After the ab work, countarama and namearma we moved on to naming our FNG. He started by sharing his life story with us. A word cloud of it would include these words, “Air Force, entrepreneur, smoking hot wife (too which Goodfella asked what his name was), runner…”. Somehow, as things usually do, the offering of names quickly focused on hot wife, runner and Goodfellas lingering question of her gender…which unfortunately for Justin aka FNG, earned him the name Jenner. At least Bruce was left off. The dejected look on Jenner’s face only affirmed for the Pax that they had chosen wisely.


• Joe Davis run (see newsletter)
• Start time next Friday is one hour later at 6:30
• Push to get people to show for commitment tomorrow a.m.

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