Off the cuff

Off the cuff

Nice and early BB today.  Yes I am golfing.  Bloody Mary’s by 9.


Per the pre tweet – We ran 3+, we did merkins, we stayed off the grass (not the ganja) and we had some gentlemanly 2ndF.

Total of 8 pax.


Bounce said he would post.  Got a text from him at 3am as he was making his own All Star breakfast at Waffle House saying he wasn’t going to make it.  #HeIsGettingFat.

Bananas HC’d yesterday.  No show.  He drinks too much #holidays

Buttermaker keeps saying he wants to make an F3 comeback.  Today was a great opportunity.  He evidently had some mayoral duties to take care of over at OT.  #OhHiMike #HeIsTheOTMayor

Bulldog chose his warm gummy bear yoga this morning over Hydra #Bullocks

Tiger Rag – Seriously how long does a broken pinky toe keep one on IR?  IT HAS BEEN HALF A YEAR.  He’s got to be pushing 240 by now.  Everybody needs to start peppering him.

Semi Gloss broke, BROKE, his foot 2 months ago and was out this morning.  Notwithstanding his constant whining, I am proud of him. #Gross

Otherwise, it was a very gentlemanly crew this morning.  Not very easy to talk smack to the likes of Purple Haze, Marge, Queen, Lazy Boy, Hopper, Sleepy etc.  It was a very clean workout, the exception being Gloss’ 2 inch inseam running shorts #DudeYourBallsAreShowing


Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Merry Kwanzaa, Feliz Navidad,

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VoodooPosted on3:10 pm - Dec 21, 2017

Wow. I totally called this backblast. The Observations made it worth the time.

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