Better wives

Better wives

On a crisp December morning, 9 PAX filed past the shovel flag and got setup in the Scout Hut for this week’s edition of Gumby.  YHC had brought some juicy moves borrowed from an unnamed YouTube source, and was spinning some Government Mule to keep the atmosphere right.  Here’s what we did:

Devo while seated from Matthew 5:14-16

(Insert Weinke here)


Gumby Q on deck: Arena is the substiQ for Stone Cold next week



In spite of a dry run through the workout yesterday, and appropriate adjustments to get it all into 45 minutes, YHC was unable to complete the weinke on time today. #timewarp

Still, we got some excellent stretching in.  A decent amount of grumbling told YHC that some of the moves were reaching especially needed places.

Thanks for the takeout, Jello.  Although praying for us to be better wives was a little confusing to me.  I wasn’t sure if you meant that in some kind of spiritual metaphorical sense (i.e. Jesus is the groom and we’re the bride), or if you just got swept up in the broga fellowship.  Either way, it was good for a chuckle and served to shine some light (humor) into our morning.

Oh, and either Paper Jam had a very sheltered childhood, or just didn’t recognize the Government Mule version of Shine on You Crazy Diamond.  But I couldn’t have been more surprised when he didn’t recognize the song than if he’d sprouted antlers.  Here’s the link, brother.  Whether you prefer the original Pink Floyd album, or the Government Mule version, you owe it to yourself to give one of them a full listen.  (Same for anyone else reading this that hasn’t heard The Dark Side of the Moon.)

Have a great week, gents.  Remember your light is from God, and let it shine on.


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