The Benny and Thunder Road Era Has Officially Begun

The Benny and Thunder Road Era Has Officially Begun

18 PAX, posted on a frigid Monday morning to partake in another addition of F3’s finest.

With the disclaimer duly given, we were off…

Warm up indian run down Strawberry Ln and back to the school for COP

SSH (Side Straddle Hop) x 23

The Thang:

Suicides using the basketball goals as markers… Then run over to the rocks area where we did the following:

Partner peoples chair tunnel of love style – There was some serious grumbling and displeasure but in the end everybody knocked it out like a champ. You have MMOB to thank for this. Then run down to the track.

2 loops around the track with 10 LBCs at each corner.

On the track we did Planker’s Delight – PAX planked shoulder to shoulder, while groups of 2 went down the line doing two hand slap merkins with each man. A Thunder Road special.

We then did another Indian Run to the end of Strawberry Ln and back to our original launch.

We had a few minutes left for a little COP.

The official mileage came in at 2.75.

The Moleskin:

Excellent effort by everybody today. Not a lot of chatter but good camaraderie. There was lots of catching our breath. As I was getting ready for the day, I had a hard time lifting my arms to put on deodorant and add the finest juices and berries to style my hair. With 18 PAX the Plankers Delight was tough today. We’re going to feel it for a few days. But for me, today is about Benny. I’ll get back to that.

It should come as no surprise, Purell was out front the entire workout… Always nice to have him out pushing the PAX. I’m so glad Purell moved his family to Charlotte from Chicago. He is a fantastic addition to the City. His positive attitude is contagious and a joy to be around. Marvel, Hanibal, Hammer, and Daisy were on his tail the entire time. Having Daisy with us was a treat.

Good to see Jello back in the game.

Constanzo is not only becoming a regular basecamper but an absolute beast as well.

Smash, Tool Bag, Marge, and Fireman Ed were giving 100% effort as well.

The Mountain Goat/Base Camp/Peak 51 crew was pushing it as usual… Lois, Insomniac, and Adobe.

So… For the big announcement. Let the Benny, Thunder Road, Goonie era begin. Some may think that Simba is still Goonie’s co-site Q for Base Camp. This time last year, Simba passed the baton to me and I think it’s an appropriate time for me to do the same. I love Base Camp and it’s important to me to find a site Q that feels the same as I do.

A couple months back I asked Benny if he would be up for taking over my position as co-site Q with Goonie. I don’t think I finished the sentence before Benny accepted… And that’s no joke. He said he would be honored and was grateful for the opportunity.

A little about Benny… He’s been with F3 for a little over a year. Benny moved to Charlotte from Caldwell, New Jersey. He was EH’d by his uncle, Early Bird. Peak 51 was his first workout… Followed by Mountain Goat. I remember his first Mountain Goat. I’m not sure he could run a 10 minute mile when he started.

Fast forward a year… A lot has changed. Benny and the Jets is an avid runner. He was on the Mountain Goat 9 Man BRR team. He’s done the Charlotte Half and numerous 5k and 10k’s. He most recently finished first in his age group at the Reindeer Romp 5k. He posted a sub 20 time.

Benny is almost always the first person to show up to workouts. Going forward you can expect Benny to be up for a pre-run just about any time. He’ll be the first to greet you and I get the feeling from Benny that he unconditionally cares. That means a lot. For me, Benny is what F3 is about.

3 is not always better than 2 but in this case I think it is. In the recent weeks, Goonie has also asked Thunder Road to be a part of the Base Camp site Q team and he has accepted. Thunder Road introduced Dumpster “Council” Fire to Plankers Delight. Council Fire introduced it to me. I’ve never Q’d a workout without doing Plankers Delight. Thank you, TR!

Thunder Road has been around F3 for a while. He may have the coolest F3 name. Maybe it’s so cool for me because Thunder Road was my favorite roller coaster at Carowinds as a kid. It was actually the first roller coaster I ever road. I buried my face into my dad’s back down that first hill. A few years back, and before the coaster was torn down, my daughter was finally tall enough to ride it. She buried her face into my back down that hill. It seems like yesterday I was riding it with my dad and crazy that I’m old enough to have had that memory come and go again with my own child. Good times…

Thunder Road is a Base Camp regular. You can be sure to catch him at Anvil on Wednesdays as well. His endurance and strength has become stronger and stronger. Good family guy and a nice addition to the team.

I’ll be around. Base Camp was great before me and I’m optimistic it’ll get even better after me. You’re in good hands. For the last couple of months, Benny’s asked me at least once a week when he can take over. And so Benny, your time has come. I know you will continue your greatness with Thunder Road and Goonie. I appreciate you guys… your friendship and your willingness to lead.

Adobe… Thank you for taking us out. Well done!


Joe David Run – January 6th.

Goonie is on Q next week at Base Camp

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DaisyPosted on7:28 pm - Dec 11, 2017

I find it hard to believe Benny had trouble with a 10 min. mile this time last year. Esp. as he is now doing 5K’s in what, 21 minutes? Good work, brother. Also, good Q today Drano. The shoulders are hurting.

    DranoPosted on10:51 pm - Dec 11, 2017

    Benny has become a beast. He, Lois and Tweetsie started at about the same time. All 3 are awesome! Glad you made it out today. Chest and shoulders are going to burn for a few days. Though, it kinda feels good.

BennyPosted on12:31 am - Dec 12, 2017

Drano you really made your last Q as the co-site Q prior to the trio taking over to remember. I’m going to be feeling this for awhile let the pre run era of Base Camp begin.

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