Steam Room

Steam Room

It was calling for a 90% chance of rain this morning, we were pretty sure Simba wasn’t going to Q (since we haven’t seen him in over a year) and we’re starting to realize our Q list that we created 6 months ago is not really working anymore. Meanwhile we still get reprimanded from the old site Q (HH) making sure we know what we’re doing – have we ever let you down before?! Trust in the Fault Line and the Whip.


Instead of drudging through the rain, I decided to get there at 4:30 for some pre-work and grabbed a bunch of weights and took them over to the covered gazebo. Y’all don’t even know about the comforts that this AO affords.


Warm up

  • Run the back way around the church (fast/slow/fast/slow)
  • Indian Run around the loop
  • Circle up – SSH, IW, LSS
  • Run to light posts and do 10 merkins, 9, 8, 7 etc.




We all headed to the gazebo where we had 11 stations set up with a timer 30 secs on 10 sec switch stations. We got through this about 4 times.


Station 1 – 45lb bar – squat

Station 2 – chest press with 45lb plate

Station 3 – step ups with 25lb plate overhead

Station 4 – sit ups with 25 lb kettle bell

Station 5 – Merkins (variations)

Station 6 – Shoulder Press/Tri-Extention/Curl with 45lb plate

Station 7 – Lawn Mower, Snatch, Shoulder press with 45lb kettlebell

Station 8 – Derkins

Station 9 – Squat with two 10lb weights in each hand

Station 10 – Lunge walk with 25lb or 45lb plate overhead

Station 11 – Shoulder raises with 8lb shotputs in each hand


We also did group sets of situps, SSH and squat jumps to break up the repetition.




It was chilly this morning but all of us in a wooden outdoor room with lights basically turned the place into a steam room. The sweat stains on the floor and moisture in the air definitely wasn’t appealing. The fact that we were all wearing just towels made things that much worse.


When we got started, I made sure that everyone knew that overhead meant that you carried the weight over your head – Pop Tart pointed out that I’m basically a dumbass for stating this and that was exactly why I told him that I was happy he was there today when he pulled into the parking lot. With no hecklers a Qs day is never complete.


Fault Line was killing it this morning – I don’t think he rested the entire time and was destroying the shoulder presses with the 45lb plate


Witch Doctor had the ISO squat so steady with the bar I thought he got stuck. Someone mentioned that he’s probably done that before.


Big League Chew, wearing short sleeved everything, was also on fire today – I think he likes the strength days. He was pumping out 45lb chest presses like nobody’s business.


All in all the PAX nailed this workout – hopefully you all didn’t mind not running at Kevlar. Fault Line said this was as close to a 0.0 that you could get on a Friday.


For the first 6 minutes or so of the circuit all you could hear was heavy breathing until someone said, “Can you put some music on?” – that was the last thing I forgot – but I had it all ready – set list was pretty typical middle aged men workout music but completely on point:


  • Ain’t Too Proud to Beg – Stones
  • Dissident – Pearl Jam
  • For What it’s Worth – Buffalo Springfield
  • Shoot to Thrill – AC/DC
  • Manic Depression – Hendrix
  • The Ocean – Zeppelin


There’s more but you’ll have to come back next time to hear it…


TONIGHT is the F3 Christmas Party at Seaboard in DT Matthews at 7:30. Alf said he bought plenty of food so come on – it’s $20 per person so bring a date, or your wife. They have beer and wine AND kombucha on draft – not kidding (Witch Doctor, I’m talking to you).


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HopsPosted on7:08 pm - Dec 8, 2017

solid backblast Whip. Newsflash: Simba quit F3, and apparently the rest of the pax from his church followed suit. Come back fellas. Disturbing visual of Puddin’, PopTart and Cottontail in nothing but towels. thank you very little. see you jokers at Seaboard tonight. Feliz Navidad.

    SimbaPosted on12:27 am - Dec 9, 2017

    Whoa whoa whoa. To the best of my memory the first I heard about this Q was last night When HH texted me to see if I was really Qing. To which I replied “there must have been a mistake.” Bushwood said I should have showed up and just told people what to do. As for our church not showing up, don’t look at me, My authority as a teaching elder has no bearing in the gloom. Miss you guys!

High TidePosted on8:56 pm - Dec 8, 2017

Had I have known, a rare Friday post might have been considered…
Fault Line’s secret sauce? He’s a Meathead regular. Just sayin’…
Witch Doctor? Meathead site Q. Didn’t have to be said.
Kombucha?! I’m there!
Mele Kalikimaka.

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