Mission Accomplished

Mission Accomplished

During my Q at Skunkworks this week, I was tapped to substiQ for StoneCold who learned he would need to travel for work on Friday.  Was looking forward to leading out at Joust on Friday hoping for a crowd that wouldn’t mind covering a few miles.  The goal for the bootcamp was 2.5 miles.  After the dislcaimer was given, here is what we took on.

Warm up jog to the center of the Football Field
Diamond Merkin x10 IC
Widearm Merkin x15 IC
Squat x15 IC
Standard Merkins x15 IC

Run a lap

Station 1 on the track (4 corners)
Lap1 (20 diamond merk/ 20 wide/ 20 dry docks/20 merkins)
Lap2 (20 squat/20 lunges/20 calf raises/20 side lunge)

Run a lap

Station 2 football field
Sprint to midfield 25 merkins Jog Back
Backpedal to midfield 25 merkins Jog Back
Sprint to other end 25 merkins Jog Back
Backpedal to end zone 25 merkins Jog Back

Run a lap

Station 3 top of bleachers
25 dips/25 lbc/25 decline/25lbc
Run down and around each staircase (touch em all)

Run a lap

Haul it back to launch point – Enough time for a little Stomach – Pax’s choice
Boat, Freddie merk, lbc, jackknife, American hammer, Plankarama



Joe Davis Run – Sign up

Holiday Parties – Sign up


Not a huge crowd today at Joust, but those in attendence had thier game face on and were prepared to get after it.  Had plenty of upperbody planned today and wanted to get a minimum of 2.5 miles in.  Joust is a great site with a lot at the Q’s disposal.  Avoided the massive hill today, but got in some stair work.  Laronda, Yeti, and Smokey were crushing the sprints.  Ductwork looked smooth on all of the laps on the track and Hoover was moving swiftly as well.  It looked as though Bueford T was taking everything in stride this morning after only a short time in F3.  Always a pleasure leading out at Joust.  Get out there if you’ve never been to that site – its prime real estate.  Take care,



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