DudePerfect … PingPong Trickshots (Mongol Style)… YEAH!!!

DudePerfect … PingPong Trickshots (Mongol Style)… YEAH!!!

My son loves watching Demolition Ranch on Youtube… we happened to find DudePerfect on Youtube in the process. They have 24+million subscribers, and 4bln+ views.  This particular video ping pong trick shots has 125+ million views.  Watch 30 seconds of it if you want to know what the workout was all about. Dude Perfect – Ping Pong Trick Shots

My Youtube channel has a whopping 33 subscribers, and 15,184 views thank to the SPEED FOR NEED videos. The most viral video YHC has no-one wants to watch… pffft… watch it later. It’s good.

Making Of SPEED FOR NEED shirt

****** WELL TODAY THAT CHANGES!!!! WATCH VIDEO BACKLIST FOR THE MATRIX. Where we put DudePerfect to shame with our PingPong Trickshots…. F3 Nation Mongol Style.

F3 – The MATRIX (Video Backblast)

Enjoyed the workout today guys. Give me a TCLAP for creativity at least since YHC has sprained ankle on one side and busted toe on the other.


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PoptartPosted on5:20 pm - Dec 4, 2017

apparently we don’t have any skills. and next time you need a spotlight to catch everyone’s bad form. thanks for bringing a new idea to The Matrix. my shoulders thank you.

JRR TolkienPosted on9:58 pm - Dec 4, 2017

So am I officially uninvited from Q’ing there again?

110 views as of 4:57pm… thanks to whoever has this video on repeat.

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