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Stonehenge – 5 Years of Changing Lives

With no disclaimer (the HORROR!) and little baby jog across the street.
Side-straddle hops
Little baby crunch

Loch Ness Laps
10 steps up patio 1, 10 derkins patio 2, 10 dips picnic tables
20 steps up patio 1, 20 derkins patio 2, 20 dips picnic tables
30 steps up patio 1, 30 derkins patio 2, 30 dips picnic tables
20 steps up patio 1, 20 derkins patio 2, 20 dips picnic tables
10 steps up patio 1, 10 derkins patio 2, 10 dips picnic tables


Little baby jog to the bull statues
10 squats
10 lbc
10 ‘mericans

Lake Laps
10 lbc, run a lap
8 lbc, run a lap
6 lbc, run a lap
4 lbc, run a lap
2 lbc, run a lap

Little baby job and jailbreak back to the Vine.

Like the end of every episode of He-Man, here’s the moral of the story – you can start a legacy. Five years ago, a group of guys just like you decided the workouts, fellowship and service projects they were too special not to share. They decided to bring it F3 to Ballantyne. (Haggis, Honey Bee and Dolphin helped scout the area that become the AO that is used by Stonehenge, Bagpipe, Swift & The Brave.) That workout grew into a new region and impacted hundreds, maybe thousands, of men, their families our community.

Let this new year be your opportunity to start something positive. It can be a new tradition with your family, a new project at work or volunteering at church or a community organization. It doesn’t need to be big, at least not right away. Legacy requires consistency. Greatness requires commitment – a discipline to repeat and improve.

See you next Saturday, and next Saturday, and next Saturday…

Long live Stonehenge.

written by Dolphin

It’s amazing to see how SOB has grown form a single workout (Stonehenge) to its own region with multiple workouts on every day in just 5 years.  It’s a testament to strong leadership of F3 Nation and every HIM that leads or takes part in all three f’s in the region.  Thank you to all who have helped drive this growth over the past five years.

A special welcome to FNG Fokker.  Thanks for coming out and hope to see you again soon.

F3 holds a special place in my heart and although I don’t get out like I used to, it is still very important to me.  YHC was very humbled by this workout and it will serve as motivation for me to get my butt back into “fighting shape”.


RockZero resolutions

YHC arrived a little early to spread the “love” around the Calvary campus. As I frolicked around the AO 15 of A51’s pax were assembled and had gifts of their own. A last min prep trip had YHC coming in hot. With an abbreviated disclaimer and a fast shoe adjustment we got moving.

Out entrance 4 across rea rd, with caution, up to the library. Plank while we wait for the six. Circle it up.

COP incadence

SSH, IW, Merkin, Mtn Climber and Squat all times 15. YHC’s cadence count was called into question during squats and was a topic of conversation throughout this episode of RockZero. The mumblechatter was significant until Merkins quieted the crowd down. I’ll let y’all guess who might have been disturbing the peace. YHC did take some pleasure in hearing the heavy breathing over flapping lips. #itsthelittlethings

Move out with a fast mosey up 51 to entrance 1.

Thang #1 – soccer field hill
Ruck it to me Baby
4 Rucks + 16 Pax = 4 lines of 4 (who knew we did maths)
Pax exercise @ bottom of hill – CDD, Lbc, Squat
P2 – bear crawl hill, crab walk hill, duck walk flat

grab all the gear and head across the road.

Thang #2 – Tabata Station on the Beast Parking Lot – divide up between all stations and go till everyone in the Firehose line has gone
#1 Fire Hose – drag 50yd – plank while wait
#2 KB – Swings till it falls off
#3 Ruck work – Flutter Kick/LBC ruck over head

Grab all the gear and head to the basketball goals.

Thang #3 – Plate Party 4 lines and go
Hair burner out/back 20yd – Squat while waiting
Inch worm 20yd – LBC while waiting

(in retrospect we should have done the squats and lbcs with weight overhead)

grab all the gear and mosey to the start.

Thang #4 – Pick up your toys
Leave all the gear at one end of the start lot. About 50yd away. Plank up and AYG to gear grab it all and hustle it back to start.

Few mins left we practiced some more cadence count with Mary. 8:00am = done

ye day old moleskinny – YHC may have taughted this as the years hardest, or heaviest workout of 2017. Some questioned its difficulty and crushing weight, but it weighed in at roughly 600lbs and we traveled just about a mile with it all. (There was still 200-300lbs of gear left at the start, YHC had a poor plan for the delivery system but that’s knowledge for next time) Much lamenting was done as some exercises were questionable. Choking crab walks, trippy firehose drags and uninitiated inch worms were just a few things the pax had the pleasure of enduring. The chatter started early and culminated with a riveting discussion on star wars wherein spoilers were revealed for Rachel. Tks McGee. Top it all off with an Alf solo during Mary that left everyone feeling the belly burn from laughter and we had a wrap on 2017.

on a serious note: it is a pleasure to sweat and toil with all the fine members of our F3 pax. I learn something new every post and hope that everyone takes away at least one positive thing. This group has enabled us to do great things within our community and at home. Take that positive energy into 2018 and help us to make it another amazing year in Fitness, Fellowship and Faith. As always, I am privileged to lead you fine gentlemen.


  • Joe Davis run for recovery next sat
  • Basecamp New Year’s Day convergence
  • Flipper is working with Calvary to install some pullbars. Taking donations from Pax. Could be a great Eagle Scout opp as well

AMRAP – 2nd Act

The morning started with a scream bang, literally.  As YHC jumped into the family truckster parked in the garage, I noticed the mouse glue trap I set up the night before was “successful.”  As I looked down on the passenger floor mat, I saw a little critter squirming around which, ummm, startled me.  After a quick high-pitched scream moment to gather my thoughts, I quickly grabbed the keys to my car outside the garage as I didn’t think Moneyball would want to deal with a twitching Mickey Mouse at 0520.  More on this later.

Temps in the 20s and the idea of being able to sleep in while off of work has apparently kept a lot of PAX away lately.  But 13 PAX toughed it out to measure themselves at the best AMRAP course on Cuthbertson Road.  The cold weather also claimed the only participant at EVERY AMRAP thus far . . . Music.  Both Hollywood and YHC didn’t bring their boom boxes so the PAX had only their inner monologue to keep their minds distracted from the fact that their fingers were numb.


Mosey along the course to explain to the newbies the 7 different stations.  During the mosey, we did various exercises at each location (SSH x 20, MC x 20, LSS x 20, Merkins x 10)


The AMRAP course consists of the following:

7 stations around a 1/2 mile circle.  As Many Reps (Laps) As Possible in 30 minutes:

  1. Derkins x 20
  2. Dips x 20
  3. Curl to Press x 20
  4. Bear Crawl x 30 yards
  5. Donkey Kicks x 20
  6. Bunny Hops x length of bball court
  7. Burpees x # of laps completed


Great performance by all considering the conditions.

  • Goodfella simply CRUSHED it.  He went all out for 30 mins and almost got 6 laps . . . Even more impressive is he does this all while deflecting questions similar to the German ladies Olympic swimming team
  • Kudos to Finch and Posse who showed up an hour earlier to complete the course on their own . . . Do you guys always carry chalk in your car to write your scores down?
  • Recalculating STILL going with no long sleeves . . . 49 50 claps for that
  • StubHub demolishing his last month’s performance . . . Apparently selling Hornets tix to Goodfella makes you more like him
  • Incredible teamwork by Moneyball, Deflated, and Recalculating who completed the entire 4.1 laps while apparently holding hands (Moneyball in the middle with this Capri pants)
  • Thanks to Maple Syrup for returning all the small rocks before YHC got to his final station
  • Good work by Gatorcub to fight through recent illness to get back out, especially in the cold weather . . . Pretty tough for a UF guy
  • Strong showing by Halfback at his first AMRAP . . . This guy is put together like a 23 year old
  • Hollywood throws up a big number despite getting to the course 45 mins early to run and set-up the course . . . He is still trying to find a way to remove Bear Crawls #Kryptonite
Second AMRAP Course – Behind Middle School
PAX Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May Stations
Finch   3.2           1 Derkins
Maple Syrup   3.3           2 Dips
Gator Cub   3.4           3 Rocks
Posse 3.5 3.5           4 Bear Crawl
Deflated   4.1           5 Donkey Kicks
Moneyball   4.1           6 Bunny Hops
Recalculating 4.1 4.1           7 Burpees
Foundation   4.3              
StubHub 3.5 4.3              
Halfback   4.6              
Hollywood 5.0 5.1              
Bottlecap 5.1 5.2              
Goodfella 4.2 5.5              
Chunky Soup 5.1                
Flash 4.2                
Fuse Box 3.5                
Hooch 3.5                
Ice9 5.1                
Swamp 3.5                



After the workout, YHC got this awful pit in my stomach knowing I to deal with the twitching mouse when I got home.  Thankfully, I had Exterminator Capri (Moneyball) with me to offer “encouragement.”  As I prepared to drop him off, he waved me off and said, “Oh no, I’m going to your house to watch the show.”  Thankfully, the mouse was still in the glue when I got home.  As I pulled the van out of the garage, MB grabbed a shovel.  He proceeded to hand it to me at the same time he pressed record on his Iphone.  Needless to say, the next 30 seconds will not be showing up in “Tough Man Daily” but somehow I know it WILL show up in the #Playhouse on Slack (oh wait, we don’t have enough space).  So just ANOTHER reason to move the #Playhouse back to GroupMe #CheapPlug


As MB and I were wrapping up, I decided to check the other glue trap I placed in the corner of the garage.  BINGO.  Twitching mouse #2.  This time, I didn’t hesitate to hand the shovel to CapriBall and let him do the honor.  I have to admit, he was a little more stable but still not exactly submitting his resume to Orkin.  Into the trash can for both #ThankGoodnessFridayIsTrashDay


  • COMMITMENT:  Saturday at Weddington High School at 0630.  Transporter on Q
  • FLASH:  MOVED BACK ONE HOUR – Monday New Year’s Day at 0630.  Foundation on Q


Clark, That’s The Gift That Keeps On Giving The Whole Year

Much like the anticipation of opening gifts under the tree, what gifts would Slim Fast bring to the Goats of Mountain Goat.  Was it Gold, Frankincense, or Myrrh?  Was it the Jelly of the Month Club??  No… something that would last longer into the year, and would be appreciated in August and September…. hill repeats in Raintree!!  Ahhh…. nothing says the Holidays like trudging up Raintree Ln multiple times… much like Santa and his Reindeer!

The workout was simple:

  1. Slow jog to the bottom of Raintree by RCC; dynamic stretching in the overflow parking by 18th hole.
  2. i-Pace or better from the speed bump to the stop sign at Four Mile Creek; recover back to the speed bump; rinse and repeat x3… 4 total
  3. Mosey back to SCMS… DONE!

Total of about 4.75 miles covered.  Excellent!


Not as many miles, but definitely quality over quantity!  That is a deceptively hard little climb… approx. 400M+ in 2 stages… Stage 1 hits you in the face… and Stage 2 is Rashambo!!

Of course, Purell showed no sign of effort in the hills… He reminds me of The Kings hit “Switchin’ to Glide”!!  Smooth!!

Sensei was giving a ton as well… I know he wasn’t feeling 100%, but still managed to keep close to his time from the summer pre-BRR, meaning he hasn’t lost much of a step!  Strong as always!

Retread was grinding out his normal 100% effort, as was Insomniac.  Both were getting to the top consistently.

Gullah and Drano were giving 100% as well!  Strong from both of them!

Such a blessing for me to spend with you guys each week.  Thanks for making it a part of your weekly routine!


  1. Joe Davis Run Jan 6.
  2. Merry Christmas everyone!!

Preblast: Your last post of 2017 – RockZero

SCREW RESOLUTIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alright PAX, is this your last or first chance to post “The ROCK-ZERO” and throw down on what may go down as the heaviest workout of 2017? Heck, you may be feeling really squirrelly and go to the StoneHenge 5yr anniversary, say hello to Dolphin and then come Double Down with us at Calvary. Maybe you’ll bring an FNG or get your Kotters-arse out of the FS and pick things up and put them down with us at 7am in the 30 degree heat. Either way the ball of snakes takes you, you can be assured of a fantastic beatdown on the last official day of the year to post an F3 workout.

If you chose the Red Pill and find yourself at RockZero, there are some things that YHC will be very grateful if you bring.

  1. A Ruck with some challenge weight. (25lb min)
  2. A kettlebell. Any size you are not ashamed to bring out.
  3. Weight Plates. 45lb, 35lb and 25lb acceptable

If you think you know what is in store for you, think again. In fact, don’t even think about it…





School Yard Prison Yard

13 fine gentlemen made the right decision this morning, coming out in the chilly gloom for a bit of adult recess. After a brief disclaimer, we were off to the other side of the school, circling in for a landing at a previously unused (or seldom used) location: the basketball court randomly located behind the lower school buildings (C building, for those inclined to know such things). The workout proceeded as follows:

  • COP: SSHs, Squats, Merkins, Mountain Climbers, Carolina Dry Docks, Multi-directional Lunges
  • Making use of the benches surrounding the court, we enjoyed sets of Incline and Decline Merkins and a bunch of a$$-to-bench Squats
  • We mixed in some Bear Crawls and Crab Walks, to keep it interesting and young at heart.
  • Left the court, ran around the rest of the lower school buildings (for those keeping track at home, these would be the A and B Buildings and whatever they call the church’s “family life center” building — I’m a CDS guy, not a CC guy, so that building is off my radar) and back to the playground benches.
  • Split into 2 groups, first group ran that same circle, while the second group focused on Dips and Step-ups. Flapjack. Repeato x2
  • Horsehead said things were getting weird (which usually means things were getting REALLY WEIRD), so we relocated to the base of the hill for some more fun and games.
  • Next we did some LBCs at the bottom of the hill, bunny-hopped (Cottontail’s #wheelhouse) up the hill, Flutters at the top. Run back down and repeat 5x.
  • Then we did some CDDs at the bottom, bear crawled up, Jump Squats at the top. Run back down and repeat 5x.
  • Mosey back to finish. 17 Burpees to ring out the old year.
  • COT


  • Good to see the guys out this morning. Nice, energetic group of folks ranging in age from 17 – 58 #ISI. Love that about F3: just as inspiring to see the Respects as it is fun to try to keep up with the  HateHateHates
  • We could have spent the entire workout on the basketball court. So many options, most of which involved suicides. Was starting to feel a bit like a prison yard workout, though. Especially with that iron-looking plastic fence around the border. Prison Yard , School Yard, funny how similar they are. Explains why I felt the way I felt going through grade school, too.
  • In COT, I asked everyone to declare 2017: Good, Bad, Hard or Easy. Once folks realized I wasn’t asking them to grade my workout, we all declared 2017 as a good year, and for Fault Line, it was even a great year! Personally, 2017 was very hard and also very good. One of those years I’m glad to have done and glad to not have to do again. A sign of God’s faithfulness, no doubt.
  • Peace out, 2017. Who’s got next?


  • Convergence workouts January 1: Freedom Park (Metro) and a rumored one at Base Camp (Area 51/South Charlotte) — check twitter, slack, etc. to confirm (Disclaimer applies to backblasts, in case you didn’t know)

You say its cold? Nah, thats just inspiration to work harder

YHC hates, no loathes, the cold.  Its a simple fact that, much like the mighty bear, the irreverent porpoise prefers to hibernate during the winter and save his posts for the warmer months.  As such, it was good he had to Q TheBrave today, else it would have been fartsack central in light of the 27 degrees.  Also, thankfully, the downpainment was accelerator AMRAP style, so getting and staying warm wouldn’t be an issue…

The Thang:

-Mosey from launch point around to the circle past Duckworths and then to the courtyard parking lot for COP:

-IW x20, Low Slow Merkin x15, Low Slow Squat x20

Mosey to the path around the pond, find party favors thoughtfully staged for use prior to launch.  Commence Team AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) in groups of 3 as follows:

-1st lap around the pound, hoist a sandbag (weighing between 50 and 100 pounds) and run the circuit stopping at the first patio for 5 step ups each leg, the second patio for squat thrusters, and by the picnic tables for row burpees.

-2nd lap, team CMIYC with 40# slam balls

-3rd lap, 8 cones, stop and do burpees at each in a climbing then declining count of 1, 2, 3, 4, 4, 3, 2, 1

-4th lap was just run the circuit

Due to a light turnout, multiple trips for party favor clean up were needed, so we called it after the teams achieved 2 full rounds (8 laps) then carried the favors back to the vine in 2 trips.

With 7 minutes remaining (and only 3.9 miles covered) split the group and half, first 3 run to the stop sign across from Stone Mtn. then back while 2nd three elbow plank-a-rama, flapjack

having run the requisite 4 miles to satisfy the site Qs we completed some Mary and a late 10 burpees (thanks ThinMint for that suggestions) before calling it.


Ye Olde Moleskin:

It really was very cold as we waited for launch, and that showed in the 6 PAX including YHC who posted.  As Mario later twittered about, the ratio of Site Qs to PAX was 1:1.  Thankfully the coldness lasted about 4 minutes before everyone was working hard through the circuit, which proved more challenging than planned as we had enough sandbags that we didn’t need to split carries amongst the teams… legs are KILLING me.  That being said, the PAX of TheBrave, as always, killed it.  While YHC is not in top shape, I’m also not used to being the 6 which I clearly was throughout this workout.  While Mario kept our trio out in front with his strong CMIYC runs, I was clearly outclassed in this one.  Just inspiration to work harder!  Hysterically, the fastest of the group also did the least work due to… ahem… intestinal issues.  Some things never change.  Every time I post TheBrave I say to myself I should post more frequently, something I aspire to do in 2018 for sure.  I did, however, notice YHC is getting a reputation at TheBrave as Wild Turkey commented before launch that he wanted to run with something heavy in the cold… apparently I am getting predictable and we just cannot have that.  Something to ponder.

Thank you again to Mario, Fire Hazard, and the rising ManTan Thin Mint for trusting me with their site (and their lives,) as always a great place to Q.  YHC is already planning his next downpainment for the PAX of TheBrave.




4 or Less? Anyone? Anyone?

4 braved the freezing temperatures for this weeks edition of Peak 51.  As YHC left his warm apartment, he noticed the office fountain was frozen.  It’s gonna be a good day.

Here’s what you missed:

Run around the parking lot

Run to the parking lot behind the school and square up for (in cadence):



Monkey Humpers

Fire Hydrants

It’s cold and we need to get moving so we do BLIMPS across the parking lot



Imperial Walkers

Mountain Climbers

Plank Jacks


When done with this lets do some People’s Chair while each one of us does 5 burpees one at a time

Run around the the front of the church for:

10 Bulgarian Squats (each leg)

20 Sit ups

From here it’s basically a ring run.

Head across the street for a round of:

20 Money makers/drop it like it’s hot



Head back to the AO running backwards (bernie sanders) up the hill.

In the parking a little more time to kill with Mary so:






Wow, YHC almost cried when he got back in his car.  2+ sets of gloves were necessary for this workout.  Every time it seemed your hands would warm up, we’d drop to the ground or grab some cold metal and get cold all over again.  Thanks for the take out, Lois.  It was a good reminder to be grateful for even these coldest of days.  Thanks Sensei for the opportunity to freeze, er…lead.

Pre-Blast: January Pull-up & Merkin Challenge

Before I begin, let me share with you a brief excerpt from the diary of Tuck (Joe) in 3rd person to help spark some motivation towards your swole start to 2018:

“New Year, New YOU. That’s right, a new YOU, Joe. Holiday season compounded with Old Man Winter rolling in have you down and out? Remember how strong you were Joe? The 2017 March Pull-up & Merkin Challenge had you looking so swole. Others could only gawk at your strength whether it be on the Salmon Ladder at Kinetic Heights, or The Sawtooth at the Savage Race. What happened to you, Joe? After that, you never did another merkin, pull-up or even a side straddle hop…Your time is now Joe, right now. Your thinking at this very moment that you really hope General will come up with something for January to help kick-start your 2018 Swole Campaign and bring you back to the Joe you want to be…”

Strong words there. Now I can begin.

The Thang

For those of you who joined us last year, you know what you’re in for and this is may be a chance for redemption or a chance to build upon your accomplishments in the 2017 challenge. For those of you that are new to the challenge, Welcome! You are now part of a sick group of individuals.

A daily (yes, every single day) challenge that accelerates in reps throughout the month, incrementally building strength, endurance and confidence.

Wk 1 (Jan 1-7): 10 Pull-ups / 100 Merkins per day

Wk 2 (Jan 8-14): 20 Pull-ups / 150 Merkins per day

Wk 3 (Jan 15-21): 30 Pull-ups / 200 Merkins per day

Wk 4 (Jan 22-28): 40 Pull-ups / 250 Merkins per day

Wk 5 (Jan 29-31): 50 Pull-ups / 300 Merkins per day

We will be tracking our progress on this Google Doc for shared accountability and motivation.  Sound off in the comments if you’re interested or shoot YHC an email ( and you’ll be granted write access to the doc.

Don’t think about it too much.


Wind, Uphill, Both Ways

8 frigid souls at Devils Turn this morning for some casual running to work off the that chubby hubby.

Today’s route: Head over to 5 Knolls using the back entrance (Bevingon, Elm, 51, Clavemorr Glenn, then 2+ laps on 5 Knolls).  We also took a minor detour when crossing 51 early for a short ‘trail run simulation’ on the way to Clavemorr – no side walks on that side.  Lesson learned – stay on the right (Calvary side).

The Stuff: 

Except for Frasier, Chin Music, and Turkey leg, the rest of the PAX stayed together for today’s run.  Wild Turkey even decided to not venture off to new realms, opting to stay on course.

5 Knolls was greeted with the expected ‘uhhhh it’s cold’, ‘when will the wind stop’, and ‘why are their hills’.   But after the first couple hills, the chatter reduced to normal intellectual levels.  It was great running with a smaller group today!

Thanks to Enron for closing out COT.

With a number of us not working today, and those that are, were feeling like some warm beverages, so we headed over to Starbucks for coffeeteria  after COT.

Always appreciate the opportunity to lead you guys.