6 PAX Pre-running, 4 PAX Working-out, and 1 Cobbler on the Crapper

6 PAX Pre-running, 4 PAX Working-out, and 1 Cobbler on the Crapper

As my title alludes, we had a mix of participants in this morning’s addition of the The Arsenal.  We had a strong showing for the hilly pre-run: 6 PAX.  Sauerkraut and Sherlock left us after the pre-run and Cobbler joined us for the main event at 0530.  However, after the mosey over to the high school parking lot, he had to depart for what we thought would be a momentary visit to the QT restroom.  He returned about 25 minutes later stating that he wasn’t feeling well.  Apparently when someone who generally is heavy on the workout deuces count says “someone should not have to crap that much”, it’s pretty serious.  Hope you feel better Cobbler!  Here’s the workout.

Warm up mosey over to the High School parking lot.

High School Parking Lot – exercise then run to the end of the parking lot

30 Merkins

15 Mountain Climbers each leg

20 Lunges each leg

30 Diamond Merkins

15 Burpees

30 Squats

10 – 4×4’s – burpee with 4 merkins and 4 mountain climber each leg while in the plank portion of the burpee

10 – Broad Jumps

Mosey to the practice field


Up the hill and 10 derkins at the top

Back down the hill and 10 burpees at the bottom

repeated 3 times and then decrease reps to 8 and then 6 for the final 2 rounds

Mosey to the Playground

Aiken Legs – Done in succession with no rest — 20 Squats, 20 Box Jumps, 20 Lunges (10 each leg), 20 Split Jacks (10 each leg forward)

10 Pull-ups

15 Dips

1 Lap

Repeat once

Mosey back to COT with a little mary before.

Thanks to all the PAX who were there to work hard this morning.  I hope I successful in my claim for a challenging routine this morning.

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