“10 Runners Running…”

“10 Runners Running…”

Sorry for the delay getting this out…it seems my employer doesn’t trust our F3 web site security protocols. In any case, it was a bit colder than expected, 29 degrees at 5:15am (compared to the 36 my app told me the night before). So I gave the instructions and a thorough disclaimer and off we went…10 runners running.

In an effort to deviate from last week’s homage to Ratt (see if anyone gets that reference) by Alf. I chose a more direct route straight out of SCMS via Woodfox to Raintree Lane, down and back up to 4 Mile Creek. Break for 25 Merkins. Then out 4 Mile all the way to Ballantyne Commons…25 more Merkins. Back to Raintree Lane intersection 25 more Merkins and back the “home stretch” to SCMS. With a few extra minutes, Alf opted for 25 more Merkins for a solid 100, then we did some COP with IW, Low Slow Squats, Dolly, Freddie Mercury and LBC to close it out.

MOLESKIN: Fun group today, albeit a little quiet at first…I think some were trying to figure out how we could possibly get to Ballantyne Commons and/or do we really have time and/or why aren’t I still in bed where it’s toasty. Others were second guessing their choice of apparel including proper hand protection from the cold and coarse roadways upon which we would embark on a Merkin frenzy (by Fast Twitch standards). Rachel and Turkey Leg took a quick lead and never looked back. Followed by Astro, Alf and One Eye. Solid pace up front. I’ve never met Astro before but he had no problem showing off his speed and vintage snow hat (poof ball and all!). Margo, Purple Haze, Benny, Mr. Brady and YHC kept it human like. I have to tell you I was waiting for Haze to drop back so I could join him but he never did #runforrestrun. At the turn, it broke up a little bit. I think Mr. Brady started to stretch out his Achilles and picked it up more to his natural gazelle like gait. Purple Haze kept in stride and the rest of us were chasing. At the 4 Mile intersection after the Merkins, it turned into a 2nd F with 8 of us trotting down Raintree Lane. Rachel and TL were at the school already discussing their favorite elements on the periodic table and the dynamics of atomic weight.

So we completed 6.4+ miles, 100 Merkins and some much needed Mary. I honestly didn’t think the whole group would do the complete trek but we did, with time to spare. Kudos!!


Thanks Purple Haze for the takeout prayer. And thanks to Rachel and Purple Haze for the oppty to lead this group.

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ProhibitionPosted on3:12 am - Nov 29, 2017

Glad you boys enjoyed my side of the neighborhood. Come back anytime. Maybe with a preblast I’ll set up a little RFYL water station with orange slices at the turn.

And you should know better than to give that much praise to Haze. Now he’s just going to brag about it all week.

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