Hills are alive with the sound of Kettlebells

Hills are alive with the sound of Kettlebells

4 of the heartiest, sleep deprived souls arrived for the 3 mile pre-run only to be met in the lot upon thier return by 13 other hearty souls for the main event.  For all of you math guys, that would be 17 of south charlottes finest for Skunkworks this morning.  A little chilly, but about perfect once the blood was flowing.  Following a thorough disclaimer, here’s what went down:

Warm up lap around the rutted out Gravel Track

Circle up


20 swings OYO


20 single arm Right swings OYO

Merkinx20 IC

20 single arme Left swings OYO

Diamond merkin x10 IC


Partner up for farmer carry to hill (walking, not running to work on the grip and allow time for the merkins)

20 merkin chaser

Cumulative partner work for several rounds

R1 – 100 2 handed overhead presses

-P1 on bell / p2 up hill + 10merkin – FLapjack

R2 – 150 squats

-p1 on bell/ p2 up hill + 10merkin

R3 – 150 cleans (originally planned for 200, but mutiny occurred around 100 so I audibled down)

-p1 on bell / p2 up hill +10merkin

R4 – 200 swings

-p1 on bell /p2 up hill + 10 merkin

Plankarama (to work on the stomach)


Farmer carry back to top lot

20 lbc chaser

KB/Sprint Ladder on field (sprint length between exercises)

10 snatch/ 20 clean/ 30 press / 40 swings


Announcements:  NewWorkout at Socrates academy new running bootcamp 5:15 on Thursdays 

Thank you to Smokey for the Take out, reminding us of all that we have to be thankful for.


Moleskine:  Enjoyed catching up with everyone today at Skunkworks.  Chinmusic and Blazing Saddles have been doing a fantastic job keeping up the site over the last few months.  If you haven’t doubled down with a pre-run prior to the main event, I highly recommend it.  You’ll be nicely warmed up by the time you start swinging the icy bell this winter.  Not much time at work today for a clever backblast, but if I missed anything comment worthy, please feel free to chime in.  Going to be a wee bit sore in the hammies and glutes – lots o swings today.  Take care!


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