Duck Duck Goose visits Basecamp

Duck Duck Goose visits Basecamp

8 Pax made the smart decision to not #Fartsack and enjoyed sub freezing temperatures this morning. Following a proper disclaimer where we’d keep moving today the pax took off. We did 3 warm up laps around the track including Wolfman coming in right around the end of lap 2. After we finished the 3rd lap, the pax circled up. After YHC mentioned to modify as needed when instructions were given we moved onto the main event.

Warm up laps around SCMS parking lot 2. Stop by basketball hoops.

15 IW IC
15 MC
10 LSS

The Thang:
YHC loves running, after telling the pax to partner up and grab a rock instructions were given Partner 1 would run to each light post and back. While Partner 2 did a called exercise till both partners flap jacked. Once Fireman Ed gave YHC mumble chatter for a “pebble of a lifting rock” which I said Drano picked it we began with suicides. We got 2 rounds in, when the pax finished instructions were given to plank it up till the Q gave further instructions.

Round 1: Squats with rock
Round 2 Bicep curls with rock

10 Count

Afterwards the pax brought the rocks down to Sem’s Office and went down to the track where YHC explained the next stage of the event. The plan was to do called exercise at each corner of the track with 4 different exercises. While running all you got on the straightaway’s while recovering on the curves.

Corner 1: 10 LBC
Corner 2: 10 Burpees
Corner 3 10 Jump Squats
Corner 4: 10 CDD

10 Count

Following the 10 Cool down lap with no one going faster then Drano, after completing the lap instructions were given to go to the center of the football field and form a giant circle.

Duck Duck Goose
During my August Q at Peak 51 I led a fun activity called Duck Duck Goose AKA Satan’s Duck Duck Goose, the never-ending Mary. Basically one person runs around the circle and the remaining pax does a called exercise until tagged doing as many reps as you can.

Round 1: LBC-This seems easy
Round 2: Rosalita- This seems a bit harder
Round 3: Flutter-Ok this is really hard. You can thank the pax, I was going to do Freddie Mercury but when I heard Flutter YHC had to listen to the pax.

10 count, cool down lap around the track no one going faster then YHC. Afterwards up to Semi’s Office for some Air Presses Peoples Chair position.

People’s Chair:
50 q count
60 q count

Circle Up for some Marry

15 Rosalitas IC en Espanol
Protractor till time was called

Done! We got exact 2.0 miles in during the workout, great work everyone!

Strong work today everyone, when I got the text from Drano yesterday asking if I could Q at the last minute I didn’t know how it would go. Ironically enough by my uncle Earlybird who double booked himself and completely forgot he was qing when he had to travel today. Naturally YHC accepted the challenge for the substitute q for the 2nd time at Basecamp. YHC is starting to see a pattern, a brother can’t q YHC ends up qing….

Compared to my last Q a few weeks ago at Basecamp night and day better, still some room to grow. We didn’t really have a true six group today everyone did a great job pushing it out there. Although YHC was sad that no one joined me on a pre run this morning however, always next time. I’ll be doing a pre run starting between 4:50 and 5 AM to get 1-2.5 miles in prior to the start of Basecamp if anyone wants to start joining in. Duck Duck Goose was a big crowd favorite, YHC didn’t know what to expect and you guys killed it out there.

Drano gave a mumble chatter of 3 more weeks left of this….maybe some big news will be announced soon? Who knows you’ll have to wait to find out. Not only great work but also excellent chances for 2nd F as well too, always happy to Q at Basecamp. Drano and Goonie run a good crew here at Basecamp filled with regulars and FNGs, great way to get introduced to F3.


BB&T Corporate Cup: March 10th, I’ll be running the Half Marathon if anyone is interested. However, there is a 5K option and 2 man relay for the Half Marathon if anyone is interested to signing up. May just be me but we have some runners who can do it hint hint Fireman Ed.
Corporate Cup

Prayers go out to The Wall who is still recovering from open heart surgery.

Christmas Parties: December 8th Area 51 Seaboard Matthews, December 16th SOB Waxhaw area in some barn. It is suggested to either have a DD or an Uber just to be safe. You can attend one, or both either way will be a good time. YHC will be signing up sometime this week and it’s promised to be a good time. See pre blasts by Alf and Thin Mint to sign up.

Dollywood on Q next Monday at Basecamp

Thank you Tag Along with the strong take out

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