Hoffa’s Automatic Burpee Penalty

Hoffa’s Automatic Burpee Penalty

YHC awoke this morning to a very needy and angry dog wanting to go outside and do his business.  That made YHC angry and looking to bring that energy to the gloom.  YHC wrote up several possible scenarios for a workout with several different options.  Once arrived onsite, surveyed the PAX coming off their pre-run, the layout of the park, and after hearing first hand account of the lack of word use at Overdrive by those who will remain nameless, YHC made his final adjustments.  It went something like this:

Mosey from the parking lots, around the paved concrete walkway, through the gravel, to what Hoffa mistaken-ed for an out house.

Disclaimer in which Hoffa still threatened a possible lawsuit just because


15 x SSH IC

5 Burpees OYO

15 x Imperial Walkers 5 Burpees OYO

15 x Hillbillies

5 Burpees OYO

Mosey continued around the gravel path toward the playground

On the way, random stop, 5 burpees.  This appeared not to be enough for Hoffa and he lodge a verbal complaint so…10 burpees much to the delight of the rest of the pax

Continue to mosey towards the playground, random stop again, 5 burpees

Continue to mosey, arrive at the playground

The Thang

Station 1: Playground Equipment

15 Supine Pull-Ups

20 Alabama Ass Kickers On The Swings

25 Table Lifts

Sprint to the bleachers, run up, around, and back down the bleachers, run to the covered picnic area where…You guessed it, 5 burpees

Station 2: Picnic Tables

20 Step Ups (Each Leg

25 Abyss Merkins (had to be modified for most due to height restrictions and width between tables)

30 Box Jumps

Run AYG up the hill to the flag pole

Station 3: Top of the hill

25 Bobby Hurleys

30 Monkey Humpers

35 CDDs

Run to the bottom of the hill

Station 4: Bottom of the hill

30 Heels To Heaven

35 Freddy Mercury

40 LBCs

At this point Radar showed up, Hoffa thought he was an FNG and was trying to find a way to scare him off

Sprint back to the playground for…you guessed it, 10 burpees

Rinse and Repeat

Deconstructed Burpee Countdown from 10 to 1, Hoffa questioned the validity of the workout and almost brought YHC to throw in an additional 5 burpee penalty on the countdown but we were running out of time

Bataan Death March or Burpees Catch Me If You Can Indian Run from the bottom of the hill across the field, up to the road and back down through the entrance.  Hoffa tried to cheat and sprinted way ahead of the PAX when Glass Joe who was second to last was doing his Burpees.  Found Hoffa doing Burpees at the bottom of the entrance.  However, for the shennanigans, and with their being one minute left, a 5 burpee penalty was incurred,


Prayer Requests:

Pray for those who passed this week’s in the terrible car wreck at 601 and Sikes Mill Rd.

Pray for Nekot as he is still recovering from surgery.  He still has another 4-5 weeks of recovery plus another 4-5 months of rehab


Bonhoeffer on Q at Thrive on Tuesday

YHC on Q at Conviction on Wednesday

F3 A51 Christmas Party is on Friday December 8th at the Matthews Downtown Seaboard from 5pm until Midnight  $20 bucks a person, bring the M,  Dress Code is “Snappy Casual” or “Festive”


  1. The sirens of police vehicles could be heard twice during the workout.  Once at the beginning, once at the end, both times occurring during Hoffa’s Shenanigans and ending after the Burpee penalty was assessed in full.  So apparently the best time to rob a bank is when Hoffa commits shenanigans.
  2. Radar seemed to show up under the radar and seem to sneak himself in during the first set of workouts at the bottom of the hill suspiciously.
  3. For all the shenanigans and complaints lodged by Hoffa today, I propose an Automatic Burpee Penalty anytime Hoffa shows up to account for any shenanigans that might occur during the AO
  4. Late Show arrived at 6:58 am whilst YHC arrived on time, the twilight zone continues
  5. Two onlookers offered to rescue Gladiator in exchange for early gifts from Santa
  6. Good push out there by everyone.  Gladiator was in beast mode today as usual and continues to serve an inspiration to all PAX.  Late Show was able to out sprint everyone up the hill both times including the long-legged Glass Joe.  Glass Joe, your motivation continue to push forward adds much more meaning to those who you inspire around you to continue to come out.  Hoffa, stay angry, stay woke, continue to be the beacon of anger for those fighting through the gloom.  As always, it was an honor to lead you gents today. Until next time.

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