This was one of those morning when, as Q, there are a few ideas kicking around, but nothing absolutely decided.  In short, I was torn.  Sundancer was there (first bootcamp of 2017 #truthnugget), but he was without tunes….so by process of elimination, the plan was set.

As all know, the clock stops for no  man, so at 0530, 11 men rolled out of the lot at Carmel.


Mosey down to Carmel Middle for brief warm-a-rama:  SSH x20 and Mtn Climbers x20.  Silent cadence start threw Swiper.  Orlando has no idea how to climb a mountain #WTF3?

Mosey through Camp Gladiator set up, slowing to enjoy the irony and sweet tunes.  Over to the rock pile to select a “rock you’d be proud of” – not running too far with it.  Swiper chose a rock to make SemiGloss proud (IR #iceupson #damnskateboard #kidsneverpickuptheirtoys).

Mosey back through Camp Gladiator, pausing with overhead press x15 and squats x10 to enjoy some more of the free music.  Given the music selections, this was mostly group punishment for Sundancer forgetting tunes.

Threw in some different rock holds while running – overhead, straight out…Q was inspired by the music.

Mosey with rock down to the cul de sac on at the bottom of Brandermill Pl for the main event.

5 trips to the top of Brandermill – 5 burpees at the top and 5 rock burpees at the bottom.

Swiper Kirk lead brief Mary (LBCs x50) until all were finished.  Move rocks up the hill slightly to the street light.

5 trips to the top of Brandermill (running backwards) – 5 lunges (each side) at the top, 5 rock squats at the bottom.

Mosey with rocks back to the rock pile behind Carmel Middle, looking like a bunch of criminals as we passed Camp Gladiator.

After replacing rocks, more Mary – flutters x25 and partner assisted WW2 situps x20 (cough Sundancer, yes).

Mosey back through Camp Gladiator to the benches at the front of the school – dips x15, incline merkins x10, dips x10.

Mosey back to launch lot, finishing up with Boone LBCs x10 each side.  FinCOT.

Ye Olde Moleskine

Little known fact that the guy running Camp Gladiator was actually in NSYNC.  No – that’s not true, but there was an inordinate amount of bad ’90s pop everytime we passed by.  That combined with Swiper’s infatuation with Natalie Imbruglia to heavily influence this backblast.

Good to finally see Sundancer again #RIPSoFaWIB.  Original plan (with tunes) was to run a little short-short-long partner circuit around the church with music in the middle…but no…so rocks it was.  YHC hates running while carrying anything and takes an unapologetic No-post-Refusenik every freakin’ time that Chelms even mentions pavers…but it’s good to work on those weaknesses.  What doesn’t kill you yada yada yada #noImentionedthebisque.  Lot of dadgum leg work today – probably going to be feeling that tomorrow.

Orlando looked like he was skipping up some damn mountain instead of climbing it.  Terribly distracting and can never be unseen (and yes, YHC did look like an exploded box of highlighters this morning, which could have been distracting).

Think One Eye and Bout Time were out front along with Swiper on the forward running hill work.  Backward running portion saw some changes at the top.  With the fancy “import pax” item that eliminated Gummy’s non-paid internship, have to go here to give Respect to Snowflake and Chelms (along with his aka Tatertot) and a hearty Kotters to Sundancer.

Enjoyed it, gents!

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