2018 Joe Davis Run for Recovery

2018 Joe Davis Run for Recovery


The 6th Annual Joe Davis Run for Recovery

When- 01/06/2018 at 8:00 AM.

Where-Walter Elisha Park in Fort Mill, SC

Please join my family again this year as we celebrate my younger brother Joe’s life and continue our efforts to #breakthestigma associated with Addiction. All proceeds of this event go to benefit Keystone, York County’s authority on substance abuse and their unwavering efforts to help those fighting Addiction in York County. This event is family-friendly and will offer a 1 mile Fun Run, a 5k Walk/Run and a 10k Walk/Run. Ruckers welcome! It focuses on HOPE!


Because my brother Joe died on October 4th, 2009, of an accidental drug overdose, at the age of 28 with most of his life still ahead of him.  That is tragic. Joe struggled with Addiction from the age of 12, but had gotten sober in conjunction with turning his life over to Jesus Christ in October of 2007.  In the end, though, this battle was one that proved too strong for him to fight alone, unfortunately. Our family was unaware of Keystone as a resource for Joe to get help until after it was too late.  So, in the wake of his death, we felt a call to serve  and we decided to take action to get the word out. With my sister and I both being involved in running, we felt a race was a great way to not only get the word out about Keystone as a path to Health, Hope and Healing, but also to bring awareness to what our family already knew was becoming a serious problem in our society now.

This is an issue we need to face head-on. it affects and is affecting more people in our community than you realize. Think about these realities-

  • More than 21 Million Americans struggle with Addiction. That is more than the number of people battling all cancers combined.
  • According to the Surgeon General, Addiction will affect 1 in 7 Americans.
  • Drug overdoses are the leading cause of death among Americans under 50 years old.
  • Drug overdose deaths eclipsed 64,000 in America in 2016. Up 19% from 2015. Every 19 minutes an American dies from opioid or heroin overdose.


Last year, F3, FiA and their family members accounted for at least  275 of our almost 1000 participants! If you are unable to run or walk, we can always use volunteers and there is also a Sleep In option to support the cause from afar. To date, we have successfully raised more than $125,000 for Keystone to fight the awful disease called Addiction. These funds are primarily used to support the Men Under Construction program.

In appreciation for the continued support of F3 and our sisters of FiA, we have arranged for a $5 discount code, F3FIA, that will apply to whatever the current price is for the 5k or 10k races at time of registration, for as long as online registration is open.  It will not stack on top of any other discounts, however. Please help spread the word at COTs!

Register HERE.

Final Thoughts-

Joe spent a lot of his adult life as a lonely man. I firmly believe F3 could have helped change his course. While this event does benefit Keystone from a financial aspect, it is also allows for an incredible opportunity to let our communtity know what F3 and FiA are all about, so let’s take advantage of that. Wear your gear, let’s get the F3 flags and tents up, bring the business cards and let’s EH some folks while we fight Addiction. Aye?

I am especially excited for this year’s race as we will be hosting Speed for Need to kick off 2018. If you know of someone who would like to ride or you would like to push in the 5k, please reach out to myself or Dark Helmet. Check out this amazing effort that goes hand-in hand with ours at Speed for Need!

With gratitude,

Rock Thrill

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