Stick to the Basics

Stick to the Basics

Whether it’s running, gym workouts, or boot camps; sometimes trying to be too creative just doesn’t makes sense. Barefoot running…really? Crazy hip flexer movement with a barbell on your lap while bending over a bench (yes, I’ve seen that), or coming up with random, combo exercises that take too much time to explain and never really work that well. So…we did none of that today…instead 11 men embarked on the following journey:

Mosey to lower parking lot for COP: SSH, IW, Low slow squat x 20 each with 10 merkins OYO in between (regular, wide arm, diamond)

Mosey to lacrosse field…(Doh… sprinklers, sloshy wet grass, “Omaha!” to middle lot). Sprint to each light, 5, 10, 15 burpees at each light.

Mosey to kindergarten area, partner up, P1 exercises, P2 runs around circle lot and flapjack: Dips, step ups, derkins x 30

Mosey to rock pile, everyone grabs a legit lifting rock: Bicep curls, overhead press, tricep extensions, Thrusters x 25, run to back lot and back (near graveyard) between each set. Plank work waiting for six.

Mosey down to main sanctuary lot, three (or 4) man grinders, squats on one side, merkins on opposite, run 40 yard between, repeat approx. 7 times through.

Mosey up to main lot, AYG sprint backwards on fire lane back to start. Circle up for Mary, protractor, freddie mercury, rosalita, LBC (until it burns) and finish with burpees. DONE.

Unfortunately we had yet another miscommunication on the Q schedule, this time just a bad email address. So Cottontail showed up not knowing he had the lead today. No worries, the Kevlar site Q’s keep our feathers numbered for just this sort of emergency. Hence YHC stuck with what I know and what feels good around the Covenant Day campus. Hopefully everyone got something out of it. We will get Cottontail back on the schedule very soon. Thank you everyone for showing up. Thank you Horsehead for the takeout prayer.

Couple announcements: Good luck to all those running in Charlotte Marathon tomorrow with F3 and Speed for Need. Convergence at Kevlar with Joust the Friday after Thanksgiving. Also, 3rd F will be converging at ChickfilA with other sites, including Shore for support. Please see web site and more info from Bulldog.

And Happy Veterans Day to all those who have served in this fine country’s military. Thank you for your service. Have a great weekend!

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MadisonPosted on3:55 pm - Nov 10, 2017

Solid beat down this AM. Would have never known it was a ‘make it up as we go’ weinke. #leadership

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