Skunkworks screamer!

Skunkworks screamer!

21 at Skunkworks today for a bit of a mean one that got the lungs and heart rate going just a tad!


Warm up – SSH, IW etc

Light jog to the rock

20’s – 5 snatches per side, sprint, 15 manmaker merkins each side, sprint back,  repeat with 10 snatches and 10 manmakers, 15 snatches and 5 manmakers

30’s – 10 t bags, sprint, 20 jump squats, sprint back, repeat with 15 tea bags and 15 jumps squats, 20 tea bags and 10 jump squats

40’s – 15 OH press, sprint, 25 dry docks, sprint back, repeat with 20 OH presses and 20 dry dogs, 25 OH presses and 15 dry dogs

50’s – 40 x 2 handed swings, sprint, 10 diamond merkins, sprint back, repeat with 30 swings and 20 diamonds, 20 swings and 30 diamonds

100’s – 100% suicide sprints

Partner up

Louganis until partner gets back

High pulls til partner gets back

Upright row, catch, squat, press combo til partner gets back




Good crowd today with some blasts of the past. Country Livin came back from a 4 year hiatus looking buff and obviously married life is treating him well! Crotch Rocket killing the sprints looking way less than the 50 years he admitted to in COT #respect. Bananas is back in the F3 groove and he finally stopped yapping about 20 mins in! Lots of guys pushing it hard today after the snatch/manmaker combo at the top of the ticket about caused me a #Qfail. Sorry about the sound system today lads – need to get back to the Beats Pill so all of you could enjoy the 90’s anthem inspiration.

Thanks to Tulip for taking us out and for Tackling Dummy’s recap of a great weekend of F3 support for the Exceptional Foundation.

Have a great day fellas and fire away with anything I missed.







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BananasPosted on4:01 pm - Nov 7, 2017

that was a good one fo sho. Glad to see Country Livin’ back in the mix. Header was on the wrong side of the line with me trying to diagnose his cramp (deuce). He should have been working through that with Witch Doctor who could’ve hooked him up real advice besides “go behind that building right there.”

High TidePosted on6:38 pm - Nov 7, 2017

Final week!
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OrangeWhipPosted on10:01 pm - Nov 7, 2017

Bomb Q Bulldog. I failed multiple times today. Also can we get some rep monitors for Smokey and Witch Doctor? Not that I like to keep records of wrongs, I just like to keep records.

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