Jack Webb and 2.24 miles of running

Jack Webb and 2.24 miles of running

Basecamp Q
18 strong pax made the decision to post at Basecamp today on a rather warm November morning. After a proper disclaimer was given the pax did a warm up lap to Strawberry Lane and back. Upon returning to launch Goonie told YHC that this isn’t Fast Twitch. This is where the fun all begins:


15 IW IC
3 Burpee’s on your own
10 LSS

Main Thang:
Upon telling the pax to line up, instructions were given for suicides. After reaching each basketball hoop. Upon returning to the starting point you would do 1 burpee, adding up all the way to 4 burpees. Following a 10 count we moseyed our way towards the rock pile where a good old favorite made its appearance. Pax were instructed to pick a rock up but to be wise as this would be there lifting rock.

Jack Webb Part 1
1 slow American
Followed up 4 Air Presses(with or without the rocks)
Pax went all the way up to 6 American’s and 24 air presses.

Following a 10 count, pax moseyed on down towards the track for some corner exercises on the track. Instructions were given to run the straightaway’s and then do exercise at each corner.

Round 1: 20 LBCs at each corner adding up to 80 LBCs
Cool Down Lap
Round 2: 5 Jump Squats each corner adding up to 20 Jump Squats

Down to track different exercise each corner(2-4 rounds pending how the pax is)
4 corners of track 20 LBCs at each corner
2nd time 10 Jump Squats
3rd time 5 burpees each corner
4th time americans

Mosey up towards Semi Gloss office, for some Peoples Chair.
Round 1: 60 Seconds: Q fail starting in cadence meant to say following the Q, nerves hit me on that one.
Round 2: 45 Seconds
Round 3: 30 Seconds
Round 4: 15 Seconds

Mosey up by the grass fields after suggestion from Goonie to finish the finish Jack Webb on the grass and not the concrete. Plan was to do it there since Fireman Ed asked for more, however smarter choice to finish on the grass.

Jack Webb Part 2
7 Slow Americans
**32 Air Presses, Pax instructed to stop at 28 but Q just got too excited for Jack Webb that we added on some extra Air Presses
8 Slow Americans
32 Air Presses

15 Rosalitas IC
Compass/corrected to Protractor


Thanks for the takeout by Tweetsie.


Upon getting a message from Drano about a q switch being needed for Basecamp by Strange Brew, I was happy to pick up the Q having wanting to Q at Basecamp for awhile. The pax got 2.24 solid miles of running in today. Not entirely knowing the setup of Basecamp as much, there was definitely quite a bit of Q fails on my part having some nerves out there. My apologies on that one pax. Strong work by everyone from Goonie and Fireman Ed, all the way down the line to Mall Cop and Pele.

Thank you Drano and Goonie for the opportunity to lead, you guys run a good group at Basecamp. Always a pleasure to lead when called upon.


Ballrog 2 November 11- 7:00-11:00 AM, 13 mile loop with different exercise stations. Starting at 7:00 AM at Hickory Tavern Ballantyne and ending at Hickory Tavern at 11:00 AM.

YHC has the Q at Fast Twitch, an announcement will be made tomorrow as to what YHC has planned.

Charlotte Marathon is on Saturday
Joe Davis Run January 6th-Not too early to sign up!

Christmas Party’s
Area 51 December 8th at 7:30 PM Seaboard Matthews
SOB December 16th at 5:00 PM Red Barn Events

See Alf and Thin Mint’s Back Blasts for information on how to sign up.

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High TidePosted on6:35 pm - Nov 7, 2017

Final week!
Don’t miss the Area 51 Winter Gear order! Long sleeve and fleece gear with the A51 logo – order by Nov 10, early Dec delivery. Perfect for an early Christmas gift from the M!

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