Foggy Starfish

Foggy Starfish

21 PAX came out on time and not an hour earlier for an unseasonably warm and foggy Monday morning. Disclaimer given and mosey down to lower parking lot and circle up.

SSH, 1 burpee, IW, 2 burpees, LSS, 3 burpees, MC, 4 burpees, and Cotton picker, 5 burpees
Mosey to rock pile, grab a lifting and/or running rock and mosey to center of field

Starfish x 5
Round 1 – center pole – curls x 10 with Rock
Starfish – 1) merkins x 20, 2) wide arm merkins x 20, 3) diamond merkins x 20, 4) hand release merkins x 20m, and 5) CDD x 20
Plank for 6
Overhead Press with Rock and Tricep extensions with Rock

Round 2 – center pole – squats x 10 with Rock
Starfish – 1) Jump squats x 20, 2) Sister Mary Catherines x 20, 3) Calf raises x 20, 4) Monkey humpers x 20, and 5) Heels to Heaven x 20
Plank for 6
Chest press with rock and flutter kick

Jack Webb with Rock…only up to 5 and back down
Mosey back to the rock pile to return the coupons

Mosey back to school and split in two groups, size, speed, etc. did not matter for circuit work.
Group 1 – lower playground – 1) Jump ups x 10, 2) one legged squats x 10 ea leg, and 3) donkey kicks x 30
Groups 2 – upper playground – 1) Pull ups x 10, 2) derkins x 20, and 3) dips x 30
Each group switches and rinse and repeat

Back to parking lot for two minutes of Mary – LBCs and Dolly…Done

Announcements –
Poptart and M involved in Kids with Possabilities – event on 11/11/17 from 6-9 @ Howl at the Moon uptown. Dress up as your favorite 80’s character and see Poptart for questions on Slack.
Matrix – need Q for Monday after Thanksgiving – check with Poptart or Squid
New moderate running workout – soft launch this Thursday @ 5:15 at Socrates Academy – check with Madison

Great to see so many out this morning. Thanks to Poptart and Squid for the opportunity to lead. Hope everyone has a great week.

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