Move Love Bombs, Less F-Bombs

Move Love Bombs, Less F-Bombs

This was Big League Chew’s prayer after leading the men in an epic, curb heavy workout today at Kevlar.


14 of South Charlotte’s finest, and some dudes who had not been to Kevlar in a while posted on a perfect 58 degree morning.


Some backblasts start like “it was a quiet crowd this morning, not much mumble chatter”….this backblast will not start out that way. With the typical jackasses in attendance paired with Big League Chew’s questionable start to the workout there was plenty of new material to uncover.


The Thang

BLC (Big League Chew) took us on a stroll down to the lower church parking lot.


Circle up


We did an assortment of toe touches, SSH, IWs, 5 burpees OYO, merkins, and a very strange 10 second countdown of plank, followed by a 30 second countdown of plank…this equaled 40 seconds for those fo you keeping time. Thanks to Witch Doctor for doing all of these countdowns with a serious face because the rest of the PAX would not have been able to.


BLC threw in a “okay, lets just do X” a few times which got me nervous thinking his plan was just coming together this morning. During the merkin cadence there was a long pause to start and Bulldog asked “did he just black out?”. It was perfectly appropriate because I think we all were thinking the same thing. Needless to say, I couldn’t finish my reps. Good rule of thumb, when you start getting heckled, start running….



We ran up a few notches on the parking lot and in honor of an Afghanistan veteran which I Googled but could not find the name – we did the following 6X.

24 Squats

24 Merkins

24 Full Sit Ups

24 Lunges

Run 1/4 mile



Field work


Run over to the field where the sprinklers were going…but clearly due to Horsehead’s plea the church/school only runs them on one side of the field leaving plenty of space for us to run.


Run 25 yards, 2 burpees, back

Run 50 yards, 4 burpees, back

Run 75 yards, 6 burpees, back

Run 100 yards, 8 burpees, back

Burn out on merkins…20 was about right

Wrap up  – Reverse run X 2 across field


Winding Down


Head back to main lot and stop at every curb on the way to do 10 merkins in cadence. This was a clear time kill as BLC realized he had about 10 minutes of things to do. Pop Tart kept locating the curbs, BLC kept obliging, and Bulldog, realizing that things were getting a little stale decided to do impressions of what sounded to be a British Big League Chew on steriods during the cadence count with the highlights being the numbers Se”B”en for 7 and catorce for 4. He credited his WV roots for being able to so masterfully mimic BLC’s accent.


Bulldog was especially proud of the “B” in se”b”en and rightfully so, it was a crowd pleaser. Pop Tart threw out some spanish word like “hola” just to get involved in the festivities.


Not sure BLC will ever get through another cadence count without this happening to him. His deep, powerful, Southern voice sounds like he used to be a radio disc jockey deep in the North Carolina woods back in 1965…..”And now, the song you’ve all been waiting for…….. Down in the River There was a Banjo Man by Merle Travis”. People would pay good money to have a voice like that.


Ye Moleyskinny…


High Tide was the only pre-runner…he did this after a very hard Meathead the day prior so his legs should be hurting by now. It was good to see him at Kevlar – he comes sometimes but he’s been very vocal in promoting the F3 winter gear sale, even commenting on BB that he didn’t attend…I’m fairly certain he’s getting a cut of the proceeds…can’t prove anything yet.


Bananas was claiming that he could barely walk after posting 3 times this week and added in the moans to make sure we believed him. Super convincing moans and face gestures. He definitely posted 3 times.


Two young bucks – Archie and Honnie (sp?) came out and are students at CDS. They typically post at Atlas up in Metro so hopefully we can keep them around on the South side. Some of you guys sound (and look) like you’re close to retirement and I’m a little concerned about Kevlar’s succession plan”. Could Archie and Honnie be the next Bulldog and Horsehead? Only if one of them takes complete responsibility for the AO and the other only shows up to heckle the Q.


Pop Tart clearly and articulately shouted “oh shit” when BLC announced 5 burpees OYO. Come on Pop – it’s 5 burpees and remember, less Oh Shit and more Love Shit…wait, that can’t be right.


Thanks to BLC for his leadership and take out.




A51 Winter Gear Info:


TOMORROW – 5k at Christ Covenant:


We’ll be making a Q list for the winter months and inserting names in their – if I don’t have your info e-mail me if you want to be added to the list. Also, if you don’t want to Q let me know that too.

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