Area 51 Christmas Party 2017!

  • When:12/08/2017
  • QIC: Area 51 Board

Area 51 Christmas Party 2017!

Who can believe it’s already November and time to start locking down the Christmas event schedule.  While I wish I had the ability to share a dry, witty pre blast (see Ickey Shuffle) it ain’t going to be that good.  What you will get are all the details on how to join us to have a great time.

Area 51 will be hosting the Christmas party at Seaboard in downtown Matthews!  It should be a great event to enjoy some fellowship with the guys you have been working out with all year without actually having to workout.  And you get to bring your M with you so she can meet the guys with all the funny nick names that you talk about.

The Date:  Friday, December 8, 2017 at 7:30 PM.  You have nothing better to do that night.

The Location:  Seaboard in Downtown Matthews.  You all asked for something relatively close with the ability to Uber in an out should you need to.  We got that.

The Alcohol:  Cash bar – the venue serves all the wine and craft beer you and your M can pay for.  Just drink responsibly and tip your bartender.  Plus they are supposed to start brewing their own beer in the back building this month!

The Food:  We will have hors d’oeuvres covered.  If you would like more you are welcome to bring in any food to Seaboard and there’s a chance of a food truck or two out front if the weather is decent.

The Price:  All that for $20 a person!  (That’s $40 a couple for you math majors) Just go pay our PayPal account and note its for the Christmas party, your F3 Name and M’s name should she be joining you.

PayPal link:   (This will show as Keith Hendrix)

Or use email address: When you send the money, use the Friends & Family option to avoid additional fees from PayPal.

The Dress Code:  Plan on Snappy Casual or Festive or Just NOT your smelly workout gear.  It’s a bar in downtown Matthews, so don’t over do it, but at least try to make an effort not to embarrass your M.  For some of you that may be too late, but try anyway.

Also:  This party is different than the SOB party (which is on Sat 12/16).  It’s OK if you are an A51 guy and come to Seaboard.  It’s OK if you are an SOB guy and go out to the Barn.  It’s also OK if you are ambiguous, like Devil’s Turn, and want to go to both parties.  Just don’t go to neither.

Sign up, Pay up, Talk it up, and HC or ask questions below.



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