Do you have a better way to stay warm than to set your hair on fire?


Do you have a better way to stay warm than to set your hair on fire?

9 men succumbed to FOMO and entered the DMZ for a workout brought to you by Joe Weider and inspired by TR

Merkins x 30 IC

Mosey to C@C for some laps:

Lap #1 (~1/3 mile) – 12 Jerkins on the corners. Flutter on the 6.

Partner up, groups of 3.

#2 – Partner One, run with a 45# rubber plate .  Partners Two & Three, 10 Monkey Humpers, then chase down the plate carrier. Rotate through, 10 MH each transition until plate back to starting point. Plank on the 6.

#3 – Partner One, Hairburner w/33#* “Weider International” steel plates. Partner Two – Repeat rounds of 5 Merkins, 10 Squats, 15 LBCs. Partner Three – run (use breezeway) until reaching burner man. Burner man back to exerciser, exerciser runs to burner. Rotate through until plate is back to starting point. Plank on the 6. (* 15 kilo)

#4 – 12 HR Merkins on the corners, Freddie Mercury on the 6.

#5 – same as #2, except with 10 Jump Squats on each transition.

#6 – 6 Diamonds & 6 Wide Arms on each corner, LBCs on the 6

#7 – just a lap

Mike Tyson x 10 IC

Rosalita x20 IC

Derkins x 2 IC


Check out Speed for Need if you haven’t. When & where are Thanksgiving convergences?

Great takeout by Snowflake.


  • 9 pax showing up was clearly divine providence – no need to alter the planned 3-man team structure
  • The 60 merkins on the front end was a crowd pleaser
  • On the first chasedown lap, we ended up with 2 four man teams and one 1 man team for about 1/3 of a lap. Math is tough sometimes
  • Hairburners: I remember TR showing up at Carmel Road Park not long after I started F3 with his trunk full of steel. No less painful today
  • Sparks were flying, there was a real risk of igniting the dried leaves blowing around the bottom of the lot
  • In prepping for this I found out a) Joe Weider is no longer with us, RIP and b) He was Canadian which explains his stubborn attempt to cram the metric system onto the 1980s lifting public
  • One of the teams (not mine) absolutely destroyed the burner lap – nice work
  • The burner intervals were a little too long so that will be tweaked next time
  • All in all a good (that is to say terrible) change of pace
  • Also should give a hat tip to Prohibition and the terrible Horsey McSandbag workout this past summer – another inspiration
  • Snowflake – Respect; great to see you at DMZ again
  • Reminder to headlock at that neighborhood Halloween party you are going to tomorrow
  • Thank you for the opportunity to lead


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BushwoodPosted on4:19 pm - Oct 31, 2017

I was there for that TR debacle. I died twice pushing the plate that day.

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