“Just wait…McGee will show”

“Just wait…McGee will show”

Those were the words that Fault Line said as 5:29 rolled around. He continued to vouch for him and said that McGee’s a veteran and he’s known for not communicating but showing up in the last minute, he’ll be here…….5:30…he didn’t.


I did mention it to him last week during some exercise at the Matrix and he confirmed. It’s always a touchy subject, do you remind the person supposed to Q two or three times, or do you just trust they will show? Opinions? You know you remind that guy and he’s like “Yes, a-hole, I told you I would be there!”. Okay a-hole was for emphasis, but that’s what it feels like.


Anyway, looking at the veteran group of guys, I knew we didn’t need a plan. No matter how good the substi-Q would be I would still get ridiculed throughout.


What happened…

Ran to the neighborhood across 51 and warmed up. Alf, worrying about his smack talk quota for the day went to his classic, “your low slow squat isn’t very low or slow”.


7s with Jump Squats at the bottom and Merkins at the top – after we’re done we were at 1.2 miles


Run over and grab a lifting rock and go to the gazebo. 


Partner up

Cumulative exercises- Partner 1 Runs, Partner 2 Exercises

Exercise 1 – 300 chest presses with rock

Exercise 2 – 100 step ups with rock over head


Circle up with rocks – 

In cadence:

  1. Curls, rotate and grab a different rock

2. Squats, rotate

3.Tricep extension, rotate

4. Iso squat, press rock forward, rotate

5. Shoulder press – return rocks


Run down to parking lot…find a parking line and plank.

5 merkins, plank walk right, 5 plank jacks, plank walk left, 4 merkins, etc. down to 1


Run over to half wall..

Partner one does derkins, donkey kicks, situps. Partner 2 runs the stairs

We did this twice…


Run to back road…

Run back to main lot doing increasing burpees at each street light,

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 = 28 total to wrap it up.


Finished right at 6:15


Moleskine – PAX Breakdown

Fletch was dealing with a bad back but still can turn on the burners, especially up hills. I could tell his squat form wasn’t what it usually is- impeccable.


Alf was the fastest guy today. He paid me to say that.


Turkey Leg was the second fastest guy. Alf also paid me to say that.


Fault Line always drops hints that he hates burpees so I waited till the very end to do them. He still goes 100% on everything he does.


Madison is consistent strong at all of it. I know if I’ve got him on Q I don’t need to remind him. You need guys like this in your life.


First time meeting No Regerts and he did awesome. Hope he becomes a Kevlar mainstay.


Tackling Dummy is twice as strong as all of us so there aren’t really any “lifting rocks” in the pile for him.


Big League Chew is just a badass country boy with the golden voice – he’s got your Q next week.




A51 F3 Christmas Party – Dec 8th, Friday night – after 7:30 – Seaboard in Downtown Matthews


Nov 4th – Tackling Dummy has the details, I forgot the name of the race. It benefits Special Needs Adults and it’s 5k which starts at Christ Covenant.


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MadisonPosted on2:18 am - Oct 28, 2017

5K race name is Let Rhem Soar 5K. You can read the pre-blast and register in the attached link. let’s support #TEF & @f3_TD with big #’s! f3southcharlotte.com/2017/10/11/pre…

McGeePosted on1:17 pm - Oct 28, 2017

Faultline – Sorry I failed you, brother. I had to make a last minute trip out to Texas and forgot to let Orange Whip know. But don’t worry, I’ll be back with 2x the pain.

High TidePosted on3:08 pm - Oct 31, 2017

The Area 51 Winter Gear order is open! Long sleeve and fleece gear with the A51 logo – order by Nov 10, early Dec delivery. Perfect for an early Christmas gift from the M!
(Alf paid me to say this too)

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