Donut Run Musings

Donut Run Musings

We ran 6.5 miles and 7 out of the 12 stayed for donuts/2ndF!


8 Things I am learning right now:

1. Always pursue your M. Don’t slip into roommate mode, which is so easy to do and one of my biggest struggles. It’s easy to seek the comfort of the couch and the TV remote instead of putting in the time and energy to engage your M through communication. She deserves it.

2. When your son asks you to throw the football/baseball, drop what you are doing and throw with him. Work, dinner, cleaning, yard work are all meaningless when compared to building a relationship with your son (or daughter, of which I have 3!). It may seem insignificant to me, but it’s so huge in my son’s mind that I throw with him, even for 3 minutes. At dinner every night, we do go around the table and each person gives their high and low from the day. 75% of the time, my son’s high is “throwing the football/baseball with dad”. These little things will pay off huge through relationship equity when he is a teenager and hard.

3. Having a perfectly manicured lawn is pointless. It’s grass. Only in America do we spend hundreds of dollars a month on having green grass. Here’s a tip: if you cut the weeds/grass short enough, it all looks the same. I need invest that time and money in my family, my friends, and my church.

4. The teaching and preaching of the Word of God on Sunday at church is vital to my wellbeing. It resets my heart and mind for the upcoming week. Through it, I am convicted of my own sin and areas of my life where I am pursuing worldly treasures vs. heavenly treasures. Make church a priority.

5. Invest in your employees or those who work under/for you. Recognize and encourage when they succeed and help them when they struggle.

6. Wash the dishes and clean the kitchen every night and let the M relax. Pro Tip: never forget to run the dishwasher the night before. It’s not a good morning for the M.

7. When your adopted Chinese daughter sees your house and says “Zu Xia home”, its OK to cry. Yes, sweetie, this is your forever home.

8. Put the phone in the drawer when I get home and don’t touch it until the kids are in bed. Man, I really suck at this.


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JRR Tolkien
2 years ago

Did Agony or Swiper hack into Bushwood’s WordPress? Well done brother, enjoyed it. I just dropped 3 tears on my Spider doughnut with the donut hole plugging the center… the one that’s a .50cent upcharge

2 years ago

Reading this on my riding lawnmower while the M does the dishes. Just ran over my kids football.

Need to work on this . . .

2 years ago

Sorry, had my phone in my drawers and didn’t hear it ring. I think I’m doing this wrong.

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