Shake it off

  • When:10/17/17
  • QIC: Spackler
  • The PAX: Crotch Rocket, Harley, Tackling Dummy, Stonecold, Chin Music, Arena, Marge, Louis, No Regerts, Lex Luthor, High Tide, Smokey, Grits, Baracas, Village People, Madison, Header, Sanka, BLC, Firemen Ed, Good Hands

Shake it off

Um, Spackler is on Q at Skunk?  Wait, does he even do F3 anymore?  Is OT closed?  Is that refusnik even allowed to Q?  Is this a joke?

22, including YHC, pondered many of those questions coming into this highly anticipated Q of the week.

After a quick prayer from Chin Music, the parade was off.

That thing

Partner up for CMIYC #LikeSizeBells should have been reinforced – Partner 1 – 10 merkins and catch Partner 2 who was running with both bells – once caught each do 10 swings and flapjack

Did the loop around the church to end at base of hill

Drop your partner for some solo Triple Dimeage – 10 swings at base, 10 wide arm merkins at top – 5 times total

Quick stomaaaaach.

Mosey to front (?) of church with partners again.  Partner 1 runs around church while Partner 2 performs 3 exercizes.  Flapjack.  Exercises included 10 one handed swings, 10 snatch to press and 10 high pulls.  We did that for awhile.

Mosey back to lot to end with some more stomaaaaach.



Always glad when you have an even number of PAX so it doesn’t screw up your plans.  Not so glad when YHC gets un-lucky enough to partner up with Crotch Rocket and his 678lb Russian Skittle.  Made the running awkward and I’ve already scheduled my next ‘massage’.

There were either lots of fast CMIYC’ers this morning or you took a page out of my Refusnik for Dummies prep book and failed to do all the swings.  I’m going with the latter.

One of 4 reasons for all the running in this Meathead-esque #Sh*tshow today:  1.  Nothing like seeing #PreRunners en route to the parade  2.  Waking to a stiff barb tweetsie from High Tide  3.  YHC doesn’t know half the KB exercises  4.  ALL OF THE ABOVE

I didn’t forget about Baracas trying to insinuate (had to look that up) that YHC pulled his game plan from last weeks Skunk.  I’m a veteran sir.  When I flatulate I own it.  I did not have flatulence this morning.

Only chatter heard had to do with #ACC fooseball which was quickly dismissed

Ok that’s enough.  Forearms are tightening up.


Announcements – sign up ASAP – not sure if it is still open or not.

5K run on Nov 4th at Covenant Day supporting  Check the site for more info.

Southern Discomfort is this Saturday.

F3 Expansion is Yuge and getting Yuger expanding on 10/28/17 in both St Louis and Austin, TX, not Austin, Massachusetts on the same day.  Emails are and  Tell a friend.  Call them.  Text them.  Social Mediatize them.  Just be cool.  This is not a cult.  Let Crotch Rocket know if you are ever interested in helping with the Expansion efforts.  F3Bermuda and F3Kona volunteers are not needed at this time as I’ve already filled those requests.

Keep The Shore and his family in your prayers



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BaracusPosted on3:50 pm - Oct 17, 2017

You even spelled insinuate correctly. Well done sir!

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