Old School Without the Backpacks

  • When:10/09/2017
  • QIC: Uncle Leo
  • The PAX: Fault Line, Smokey, Witch Doctor, Madison, Turkey Leg, Ocho Cinco, Starsky, Geraldo, Prohibition, Pitch Fork (FNG), Wild Turkey, Orange Whip, LaRonda, Levi, O'Tannenbaum, Uncle Leo

Old School Without the Backpacks

16 men posted on this muggy like July October morning for some promised old school suckage.  YHC doesn’t post often on Mondays any more and was surprised to see some old school PAX (Ocho Cinco) gather up in the gloom.

Geraldo and LaRonda quickly learned that the 2 rocks mysteriously at our assembly point were coming with us and they were voluntold (YHC did say please) to grab the rocks and follow YHC

Little baby jog to the soccer fields for…

COP – 15x SSH, 15x IW, 15x Mtn Climber and 15x Low Slow Squat

Form up in two lines behind Geraldo and LaRonda for what amounted to about 2 1/2 laps around the field of Indian Coupon run

PAX were relieved when we stopped and dropped the rocks in their rightful place.

Partner up and find a spot on the sidewalk facing the field for 1-2-3.

P1 – runs to second unlit post and back

P2 – does called exercise

flapjack until called quantity is achieved

Round 1 – 100 hand release merkins

Round 2 – 200 flutters

Round 3 – 300 squats

Round 4 – burpees (each PAX runs 2x)

Round 5 – 8 count man-makers (each PAX runs 1x)

Circle up on the field for 6MOM – 20x LBC, 20x LBC right, 20X LBC left, 20x Greg Lougainis, 20x Mtn Climber

10x 8 count man-makers IC

Form up in 2 lines for some Indian Run back to the cars



  1.  Good to get back out there on a Monday.  Spending a lot of time in the pool lately
  2. Guys were getting after it with the rocks early – some seemed to go faster when they got the coupon – sound off if you know who they were
  3. Little disappointed it took the PAX 3 guesses to identify the original Q for this work out, none other than Dora back in September 2013.  Coupons and 8 count man-makers were the dead give away.  The original backblast is here: http://f3southcharlotte.com/2013/09/30/swamp-rabbit-shoutout/
  4. Welcome to our FNG Pitch Fork who Wild Turkey claims to have had in a headlock for the last 2 years
  5. Thanks Smokey for the strong send off

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