Bottle Rockets and Roman Candles at Donut Run

  • When:10/04/2017
  • QIC: Bushwood
  • The PAX: SemiGloss, Sea World, Beaker (1 of the 8 Beakers), Enron, Mr. Brady, Marvel, Tootie, Wild Turkey, Icky Shuffle, like 1/10 of Swiper, JRR Tolkein's truck, missing 1 (!), and BW

Bottle Rockets and Roman Candles at Donut Run

I pulled into the lot promptly at 5:18. Everyone had already left and Semi was angry. Started yelling immediately about how he is not running the scheduled reverse route because “you can see the end from a mile away because of that stupid street light, but you yet its still so far away”. Recognizing that he doesn’t seem to have the mental fortitude to overcome challenges, we set out on the regular route.

At mile 2, my watch beeped. This was normal, but what wasn’t normal was at the same time hundreds of bottle rockets and roman candles were shot off right next to us on 51! I did my best Neo impression and dodged a few. It was just like 1988 Beirut. Chuck Norris would have been proud. A brass band was there playing Aerosmith and Beyonce. Semi peed his pants and his IT band shot out of his leg, hitting the clown from IT in the stomach. Thankfully, my friend Terry survived. Then the guys from the 1,000 Mile Challenge on Strava and the reincarnation of Ed McMahon unrolled a giant banner that said: “You ran 1,000 miles in 2017!”. It was amazing. Highlight of my morning, for sure. I was looking for one of those giant checks, but I didn’t see it. They’ll probably just mail it to me. I feel like I just achieved #batflipper status or #highoctaneHIM status. I can’t remember what its called these days. Can I get a ruling on the correct status, Hops?

Oh and then we ate Donuts afterwards. Horsehead was missed.

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2 years ago

Congrats on hitting 1,000. Now go swing a kettlebell.

2 years ago

Congrats on finally hitting 1000miles.


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