Return to the Skunk

  • When:10/03/2017
  • QIC: Fletch
  • The PAX: Smoky, blazing saddles, high tide, Baracas, header, Dollywood, pop, sanka, spackler, young love, cady, chin music, horse head, bulldog, cocktail, big league chew (R), samurai, arena, Lois, tweetsie, tulip, fletch (Q)

Return to the Skunk

Great morning to be back Q’ing Skunkworks for the first time in a while.  Seems like the new site Q’s have been doing a great job while I was away nursing a dodgy back and training for BRR.  The quantity and quality of regulars at Skunkworks has to be one of the best around and I was glad to be back in the mix.  It was a beautiful cool morning and heres what the 22 of us did:

Disclaimer was given to the pax of 22 at 530

Ssh x20

10 swing OYO


10 swing OYO

Merkin rt hand on bell x15

10 swing OYO

Merkin lft hand on bell x15

10 swing OYO

Run to tennis pavilion 25 dips/25 incline merkin

Partner up – size, speed, bell size do not matter and line up on the sidelines

P1 runs to far end of field for 25 merkins

P2 alternating swings (flapjack x4)

Both run to pavilion  25 dip/25 incline merkin


P1 runs to end 25 squats

P2 clean and press (flapjack x2)

Both run to pavilion  25 dip/25 incline merkin

Flutter in cadence x20

P1 runs to end 25 lbc

P2 snatch (flapjack x2)

Both run to pavilion  25 dip/25 incline merkin


time was called

Moleskin:  Lots of chatter early on which was silenced after the first hundred or so merkins.  Spack went out hot on the first lap to the pavilion, jury is still out as to whether he was able to maintain that pace for the remainder of the morning.  Smokey and Dollywood were pushing the pace with Tullip on thier heels.  Tweetsie was getting after it along with several others in the darkness.  Enjoyed the prerun with Bulldog, Chin Music and Header.  If you want to take your Tuesday to the next level, join those guys for the pre-run.  Not sure about the rest of you, but I had a blast out there today.  Wanted to keep us moving and I think we clocked 2.25 miles and plenty of upperbody.  Little lighter on the bell work than I would usually throw at you guys, but hopefully everyone got something out of it.  Great catching up with you guys today and look forward to the next time.

Thank you Smokey for taking us out, appreciate it brother.



Exceptional foundation 5K at Covenant Day November 4th

10 Days left to sign up for Golf

Be on the Lookout for Southern Discomfort


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High TidePosted on8:10 pm - Oct 4, 2017

Are you sure it was only 2.25 miles?? It felt like more. And, with the merkins added in, I thought I was at FastTwitch (wait, no, those would have been burpees, which I would have “modified” to merkins, if not skipped entirely). Haven’t done that many merkins in a while – chesticles are sore today.
Well done and welcome back, Fletch!

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