“Simple” does not mean “easy”

  • When:09/28/2017
  • QIC: Goonie
  • The PAX: Frehley's Comet (R), Commish (R), Fredo (R), Big Tuna, Strawberry, Heartbreaker, Arsenal, Balk, Crab Cake, Kirby/Curbie, Adobe, Chipotle, Doc McStuffins, McGee, Goonie (QIC)

“Simple” does not mean “easy”

15 posted on a perfect morning for this week’s version of Rebel Yell (just waiting for some liberals to catch wind of this name and get offended….. it’s only a matter of time). Strong, veteran crew showed up this morning. Fredo came in hot around 5:30:45. We waited a bit for him because we wouldn’t want him to miss out on Ms. ‘Horn. Disclaimer given. Pax ready to get after it. Here’s what went down:

The Thang

Mosey across Elm and down our favorite little incline. To the bottom for COP: IW x 15 IC, MC x 10 IC, LSS x 10 IC. Doc immediately got on YHC for LSS form. Too much of that causes tendinitis to flare up. If YHC was a goat or another mammal, it wouldn’t be an issue since Doc was there. Just needed a little warm up for our little quickie with the Murderhorn #segmenthunting. One time, AYG to the top.

Mosey back across Elm to the fountains by Chipotle (the restaurant, not the pax). Partner up for a simple workout: as a team, do:

100 Burpees
200 CDD’s
300 Step-ups
400 Merkins
500 Heels to Heaven

Call it at 6:12 to mosey back to launch. Done.


YHC was thrilled when McGee rolled in, as this workout was inspired by a BB I read from one of his workouts within the past few months. I vowed to do something similar once I got done with the BRR buffoonery. I couldn’t find is BB for the exact exercises, so I went with something I felt was doable but would smoke the Pax. This was an ultimate you vs. you workout. You could go balls out if you want, or you could dog it if you wanted to. The partner aspect keeps some accountability, as well as some encouragement. It’s a smoker, though. No one finished, as far as YHC knows. The Burpees and CDD’s went a little faster than YHC thought they would, but the pace really started slowing at the step-ups. As the great San Diegon philosopher Ron Burgundy once eloquently stated: things escalated quickly. This Weinke will be brought out again, that’s a promise.

YHC hadn’t gotten a chance to segment-hunt the Murderhorn in a while, so I wanted to see the effects of BRR training. In short – it works. PR. After running BRR, the Murderhorn isn’t so bad.

Great group this morning. Everyone was getting after it. YHC didn’t see anyone resting or dogging it. Just good, hard work. Not too much modification either. Tuna was, however, complaining that there wasn’t enough running. He’s looking for a BRR team for 2018. I hope all you men feel better for posting this morning.

Thanks to Heartbreaker and Strawberry for the chance to lead. If you haven’t ever Q’d at Rebel Yell, let them know and get on the schedule.


Gut Check after Rebel Yell on Thursdays. Strawberry and FMB are coming up with some great topics to discuss.

COTS once a month on a Sunday. See Strawberry if interested.

Some other guys said some stuff that I can’t remember. Gotta run to a meeting – sound off in comments with other important stuff. Talking about how much FC’s arse smells does not fall under the category of “important stuff.”

Goonie out.

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McGeePosted on1:51 pm - Sep 28, 2017

That was a #mcgeecertifiedsmokefest. Well done Gooners.

FredoPosted on2:04 pm - Sep 28, 2017

Almost bailed knowing I would be late (puppy excuse). Glad I made it. Great workout – We were 3/4 done with the merkins when you called it…they were burning the shoulders and arms.

CheddarPosted on6:18 pm - Sep 29, 2017

Hey Goonie, I think you like the MurderHorn more after running Leg #35 of the BRR #mountaingoat

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