• When:09/26/2017
  • QIC: Soft Pretzel
  • The PAX: Market Timer, Billy Goat, Teddy, Bucky, Hormel, Escargot, Mario, Hula Girl, Linus, War Eagle, Cheese Curd, Fredo, Heartbreaker, Hops, Retread, Paper Jam, SP


With a little slack requested for lateness by YHC, here is the tale of Bagpipe Tuesday morning.  17 PAX in all.

Bit of a long mosey to warm-up in the far parking lot of the office buildings around Lochness.  COP = 20 SSH, 10 merkins, 20 hydraulic lunges, and 15 mountain climbers, all IC.  Thank you to Hops for his first of several witty comments this morning – the Deacs climbed the Mountain on Sat – YHC enjoyed this reference to the Wake win over App St in Boone.

Mosey on to the grass hill located at the bottom of Bagpipe Hill.  Triple nickel with squats at the top and merkins at the bottom.  Run Bagpipe Hill and stop on the bridge for: 10 derkins IC, people’s chair w/ 50 air presses, 10 derkins IC, people’s chair again.

Mosey all the way to the helicopter pad.  Take note of the fertilizer and other debris that had blown all over it, proceed with the plan anyway.  30 dollies and 20 LBCs IC.  Then 24 merkins civilian count with a burpee on every third.  20 American Hammers and 15 Heels to heaven IC.  Take the stairs and run to the top of the parking deck.  Plank and wait for the six.

At this point, YHC panicked a little and we started heading back even though I probably underestimested the speed of the PAX and we could have stayed a while.  Anyway, mosey back with multiple stops for merkins, merkin/burpee combos, and Mary.

After a foolish stop in the Pei Wei parking lot, which of course is also the Starbucks parking lot where many cars drive through, we finalized the workout in the BofA parking lot next to launch.  ~25 yard sprints x 4 in groups of three.  Time called.


B3 = Ballantine Brown Bag.  Tuesdays at Carolina Premier Bank at 12:15.  YHC took part in this and it is another great way to get to know your fellow PAX and get some 2nd and 3rd F.  Thanks to Hops for the leadership as well as Van Pelt for hosting in the Carolina Premier Conference Room.

Church on The Street: Need guys for this Sunday especially.  Contact Strawberry or sign up here:!/showSignUp/20F0D4AABA82CA7FE3-church

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FredoPosted on12:41 pm - Sep 28, 2017

Another sweaty beat down – nice work!

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