The Saturday Gloom

  • When:09/23/2017
  • QIC: Soft Pretzel
  • The PAX: McGee, Paper Jam, Mighty Mite, Toolbag, Escobar, SP

The Saturday Gloom

6 men arrived at Chik Fila Saturday.  It seemed a lot darker than same time last week and scientist Mighty Mite noted that we have passed the Vernal Equinox, so I guess we can expect the Gloom to get gloomier on Saturdays.  Without further ado…

Disclaimer given and mosey across Rea Rd.

The Thang: COP = 20 squats, 20 SSH, 15 Peter Parkers, all IC.  Warm-up further with some high knees, butt kicks, and karyokes across the parking lot.

Hit the fountain for 3 sets of 5 burpee jump ups OYO and 10 dips IC.  Then 5 minute run on Ardrey Kell – 2.5 minutes out, 2.5 minutes back so we all start finish in the same place and stay relatively together.

Mosey to the wacky playground for the rest of the workout.  Next 3 sets: AYG pull-ups followed by 5 burpee pull-ups.  In between, 20 squats, 20 flutters.  Then 4 minute run on AK (2 min up, 2 min back).  Back to the playground for Jack Webb.  3 minute run.  Partner up for under/overs – 3X5 for each partner.  2 minute run.  Partner sit-ups 3×20, elbow planks.  For the last run, head back to launch so we’re not late, then merkins until time expires.

Moleskin: Great effort and a nice job by the 6 PAX pushing each other and bringing out the best in one another.  A couple of the strength exercises were tough: under/overs and JW particularly painful.  The running format worked well as far as people of different speeds getting in some good work but staying pretty together.  Shout out to Paper Jam who continues to get faster and stronger as a runner.  An honor to lead – thanks men.

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FredoPosted on2:15 pm - Sep 25, 2017

Thanks SP for the daVinci lead!!

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