The 4th F

  • When:09/23/2017
  • QIC: Glass Joe
  • The PAX: Green Thumb, Hoffa, Kiefer, Snookie, Glass Joe (QIC)

The 4th F

Bullwinkle was promising pain. 6:50 – No Q. 6:55 – No Q. 7:00 – No Q. I guess what Bullwinkle didn’t promise was to post to his own Q. Oh well, we aren’t here just for my good looks so off we go.

Props to Kiefer for a solo 5 miler.

The Thang
No Bullwinkle, no problem. YHC takes over with a make it up as you go Q
Mosey around the park for a nice warmup.

SSH IC x20
IW IC x20
Windmill IC x10

BW had messaged me last night asking about Don Griffin park which is near Belk Tonawanda so you know, we haven’t been there in a while so off we go. It’s a nice mosey to get there so let’s go.

Ark Loader:
R1) Home to 1st: Bear Crawl. 1st to 2nd: Lunge Walk. 2nd to 3rd: Bear Crawl. 3rd to Home: Lunge Walk
R2) Crab Walk/Lunge/Crab Walk/Lunge
R3) Duck Walk/Lunge/Duck Walk/Lunge
R4) Swan Walk/Lunge/Swan Walk/Lunge
R5) Panther Crawl/Lunge/Panther Crawl/Lunge

Enough of that. The baseball field is in a hole with a short, steep hill.

Bear crawl down the hill 3 times. Lots of core usage to steady yourself.

So, what to do next. Been a while since we’ve used Railroad Hill. Got an idea so let’s go for a decent mosey.

Lunge Walk up the entire Railroad Hill from stoplight to bridge. It’s long, it’s all uphill, it sucks.

At the top, we mosey to uptown Monroe.

At the walkway, we do a Rail Hold Indian Bear Crawl. Basically, all the guys do a rail hold while the guy at the end bear crawls to the front of the line and once at the front, he does a rail hold and the guy at the back crawls through. Do that all the way down the walk-way.

Mosey over to the large steps area. Plank with feet on the bottom steps. Shoulder Taps x10. When done, continue the plank and move your feet up to the next step. Repeato. Third Step: Repeato. Then work your way back down. Great follow after the Rail Hold Indian Bear Crawl.

Due to earlier Hoffa comments, we mosey over to the benches. Step Ups x20, Dips x20, Incline Merkins x20

Time to mosey back to Belk Tonawanda Park.

Rosalita IC x30
Backscratchers (Pikachu Style) IC x20
6 Inch Leg Holds for a minute


Prayers for Espresso’s Foot, Puerto Rico and Nekot’s family.
Thanks to Snookie for taking us out.

– It ended up being a decent workout given there was no pre-planning. Lots of core and legs on this one. Some stuff we haven’t done in a while so nice mix.
– We got 2.5 miles in this one which was just by chance since it wasn’t planned.
– Great work by Snookie. Dude’s a Double Respect and pushes through. Can’t wait for his for UC Q next week.
– Awesome job by Kiefer on the solo pre-run and pushing through the workout
– Hoffa was whining before the workout because he thought we hadn’t been diverse enough in exercises lately. ‘Too many reps you freaking morons’. Just doing what I can to lessen Hoffa’s anger. #didntwork
– Great to have Green Thumb back out and nice work today.
– Great thing about F3 is the show goes on even when the Q creates the 4th F – Fartsack.

Though it was unintentional, thanks for letting me lead this group of great guys.

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