Per the usual

  • When:09/21/2017
  • QIC: Spackhizzle
  • The PAX: Runstopper, Deep Dish, Marge, Jet Fuel, Sleepy, MAD, Semi Gloss, Queen

Per the usual

There were 9 of us.  It was splendid.  Little moist but still splendid.  Certainly thankful for this time of year as its just not quite cold enough for Runstopper to bless us with his lulu lemon yoga pants.

We warmed up with a little this and that.

Partner up and CMIYC down to Stonewall Jackson’s cannon (shocked that is still there and that it hasn’t offended anyone yet).

Stay with partners and while Partner 1 runs loop the other does merkins and flap jack.  Next exercise was jump squats.  Did both cumulatively x 200.

Indian Run through the hood to some street that looked like a half pipe and did grinders for a bit.

Headed back to AO via Windyrush and completed 10 H2H at each street lamp.

Runstopper finished us off (sounds gross) with Jack Webb up to 9.


Gloss has AIDS.  Full blown AIDS

Could hardly quell the Clemtech excitement from Marge and Deep Dish (who BTW was proudly wearing his orange BEARS tshirt #BringBackCutler)

I am now an Alabama Fan #RTR.  Thanks Jet Fuel

MAD came out like a juvenile thoroughbred running his first Pimlico race this morning – aaaaaaand then we lost him somewhere around turn 4

Runstopper was way too excited to lead Jack Webb at the end.


Sign up to for the Golf Event on Oct 27th at 1pm.  This is our regions major event to make an impact for F3 Expansion.  Make it work.  Beer + Golf = Awesome



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