Ripping off the BRR Bandaid

  • When:09/15/2017
  • QIC: Fletch
  • The PAX: Uncle Leo, smokey, yeti, chin music, stone cold, header, Dollywood, FLetch (YHC)

Ripping off the BRR Bandaid

It had been several months since I’ve posted (let alone Q’d) a Bootcamp style workout.  It’s been all BRR for Team F3 Freerange.  But alas, the race has come and gone and its time to get back into some kind of bootcamp shape.  Thankfully Yeti had me tee’d up right after BRR, so the timing was just about right.  A little sorness lingered in the legs, so we crushed the upper body today.  Here’s what we did – after the disclaimer of course.

Warm up (in cadence) after lap around track – circled up in the center of the Charlotte Christian Football field.


Wide arm merkins x15


Diam merkin x15

Squat x20

Regula Merkin x15


End zone to end zone suicide (stopping at each marked yard line (10,20,30 etc) and performing that quantity of reps of the called exercise.

First round we did Merkins (A lot of them).  To faliure over and over again.  Strong work men.

Second Round we did Squats ( much more manageble in those quantities)

Grab a Partner for a little Hill work

P1 up Hill

P2 merkins


P1 up Hill

P2 hold plank six inches


P1 up hill

P2 hold regular plank


Stay with your partners as we Head to bleachers

P1 runs up one side down far side

P2 25 dips/25 incline merk

P1 run down one side up far side

P2 10 pull ups/10 knees to elbows

Run the long way Back to lot for LBC x 30 IC until time expired.

Really enjoyed being back out to Joust.  Great group of regulars and it was excellent catching up a bit before and after the workout.  Got a few jeers about it not being particularly fun on fun friday, but I hope you all still had a good time.  Stone Cold even said it was hard, so that is saying something.  Thanks again Yeti for letting me lead.

Announcements – Be there for the Wednesday Convergence at Calvary (Header said you don’t want to miss the special guest speaker)

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