What does Meat and Potatoes really mean?

  • When:09/13/2017
  • QIC: Dollywood
  • The PAX: floor slapper, thurston, lex luthor, header, good hands, fireman ed, witch doctor, huggie bear, smokey, deep dish, jet fuel, cheese curd, purrell, semigloss

What does Meat and Potatoes really mean?

YHC is a young F3’er (just celebrated my 2nd anniversary with the Nation). I have heard once or twice the words Meat & Potatoes… frankly, it was usually accompanied by more PAX showing up… in a little preblast tweet I threw it out there. Full disclosure – no idea what it actually means.


Anyway here is what we did:


4 sets of 5 steps lay in the middle of the AO. This winding staircase was at the center of all things DV today.


Little warmup – blah blah.

Find a partner.

Partner 1: goes up the stairs runs 30 yards returns down the handicap path. Repeats.

Partner 2: Other partner runs to the baseball field does called exercise returns.

Partners switch.

4 rounds: 2 sets of 25 each of Supine pullups. Dips. Burpees.


Next, 5 rounds up the stairs:

  • two feet each step x2
  • One foot every other step
  • One footed hops right leg
  • One footed hops left leg



Everyone- up the stairs around the track back down the handicap path x2.


All in all, a little over 3 miles. Does that count as Meat and Potatoes . . . I dont know. But what I do know:

  • Purrell can run. I shamelessly got a head start in the final round so I didnt suffer the shame of losing to him.
  • Cheese curd and header are having relational issues… but I think they made up post workout. Nothing like a little shared misery to bring people together.
  • The convergence next week will be AWESOME. Bliss Steele will be speaking and it is something you do not want to miss.
  • Convergence @Anvil AO. Workout @530-615. Coffee/Talk @630-7.


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Cheese CurdPosted on5:28 pm - Sep 13, 2017

I consider most of my relationships amongst the Pax as a world of mixed emotions. As I get out again after a few months off, it is great to see some old timers. Header has grown some facial hair to make up for what he lost up top (I understand the struggle). Semi Gloss rolls in after Floor Slapper -over 1 min and 38 seconds late (not sure who won that bet) and no stop at the “office”. Good to see you’re taking care of that at home. Jet fuel is still polite and gave me the opportunity to catch him and feel good about myself. He also put a sweet side steep on the lamp pole at the turn. Most of the other guys were either in the other group or way ahead of me in the run. That and the fact that Fireman Ed, is still slow and loud…somethings never change!

As far as meat and potatoes, that is surely debatable this AM. The disclaimer was given and we were also told that, “we would not run much”. I guess for Dollywood that loop at the end does not constitute for “much” running! If meat and potatoes means solid workout, well done!

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